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Question Number: 521 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 25.) Estimate the time en route from Majors Airport (area 1) to Winnsboro Airport (area 2). The wind is from 340 at 12 knots and the true airspeed is 36 knots.

A) 55 minutes.
B) 59 minutes.
C) 63 minutes.

Question Number: 26 Subject Code: PLT402

Which procedure is recommended to ensure that the emergency locator transmitter (ELT) has not been activated?

A) Turn off the aircraft ELT after landing.
B) Ask the airport tower if they are receiving an ELT signal.
C) Monitor 121.5 before engine shutdown.

Question Number: 535 Subject Code: PLT021

(Refer to figures 45 and 46.) What is the condition of the weight and balance of the gyroplane as loaded? WEIGHT MOMENT (LB) (1000) Empty weight 1,074 85.6 Oil, 6 qt --- 1.0 Pilot and passenger 247 --- Fuel, 12 gal --- --- Baggage 95 ---

A) Within limits.
B) Overweight.
C) Out of limits aft.

Question Number: 362 Subject Code: PLT092

(Refer to figure 35.) What is the maximum amount of baggage that may be loaded aboard the airplane for the CG to remain within the moment envelope? WEIGHT (LB) MOM/1000 Empty weight 1,350 51.5 Pilot and front passenger 250 --- Rear passengers 400 --- Baggage --- --- Fuel, 30 gal --- --- Oil, 8 qt --- -0.2

A) 105 pounds.
B) 110 pounds.
C) 120 pounds.

Question Number: 396 Subject Code: PLT353

Radar weather reports are of special interest to pilots because they indicate

A) location of precipitation along with type, intensity, and cell movement of precipitation.
B) location of precipitation along with type, intensity, and trend.
C) large areas of low ceilings and fog.

Question Number: 166 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 24.) Determine the magnetic heading for a flight from Allendale County Airport (area 1) to Claxton-Evans County Airport (area 2). The wind is from 090 at 16 knots, and the true airspeed is 90 knots.

A) 208.
B) 230.
C) 212.

Question Number: 336 Subject Code: PLT173

What is a characteristic of stable air?

A) Stratiform clouds.
B) Unlimited visibility.
C) Cumulus clouds.

Question Number: 567 Subject Code: PLT448

May a recreational pilot act as pilot in command of an aircraft in furtherance of a business?

A) Yes, if the flight is only incidental to that business.
B) Yes, providing the aircraft does not carry a person or property for compensation or hire.
C) No, it is not allowed.

Question Number: 563 Subject Code: PLT448

A recreational pilot may act as pilot in command of an aircraft with a maximum engine horsepower of

A) 160.
B) 180.
C) 200.

Question Number: 128 Subject Code: PLT509

Wingtip vortices are created only when an aircraft is

A) operating at high airspeeds.
B) heavily loaded.
C) developing lift.