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Question Number: 412 Subject Code: PLT177

Burner efficiency of a hot air balloon decreases approximately what percent for each 1,000 feet above MSL?

A) 4 percent.
B) 8 percent.
C) 15 percent.

Question Number: 393 Subject Code: PLT448

When must a recreational pilot have a pilot-in-command flight check?

A) Every 400 hours.
B) Every 180 days.
C) If the pilot has less than 400 total flight hours and has not flown as pilot in command in an aircraft within the preceding 180 days.

Question Number: 467 Subject Code: PLT494

What corrective action should be taken if, while thermalling at minimum sink speed in turbulent air, the left wing drops while turning to the left?

A) Apply more opposite (right) aileron pressure than opposite (right) rudder pressure to counteract the overbanking tendency.
B) Apply opposite (right) rudder pressure to slow the rate of turn.
C) Lower the nose before applying opposite (right) aileron pressure.

Question Number: 75 Subject Code: PLT147

(Refer to figure 48.) Illustration A indicates that the aircraft is

A) below the glide slope.
B) on the glide slope.
C) above the glide slope.

Question Number: 90 Subject Code: PLT044

After landing at a tower-controlled airport, when should the pilot contact ground control?

A) When advised by the tower to do so.
B) Prior to turning off the runway.
C) After reaching a taxiway that leads directly to the parking area.

Question Number: 18 Subject Code: PLT019

(Refer to figure 8.) Determine the pressure altitude at an airport that is 1,386 feet MSL with an altimeter setting of 29.97.

A) 1,341 feet MSL.
B) 1,451 feet MSL.
C) 1,562 feet MSL.

Question Number: 181 Subject Code: PLT091

(Refer to figure 30, illustration 2.) What magnetic bearing should the pilot use to fly TO the station?

A) 010.
B) 145.
C) 190.

Question Number: 94 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 23, area 2; and figure 32.) At Coeur D'Alene , which frequency should be used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to self-announce position and intentions?

A) 122.05 MHz.
B) 122.1/108.8 MHz.
C) 122.8 MHz.

Question Number: 517 Subject Code: PLT153

When the airship is at pressure height and superheat increases, constant pressure must be maintained by valving

A) gas from the envelope.
B) air from the envelope.
C) gas from the ballonets.

Question Number: 122 Subject Code: PLT119

During a night flight, you observe a steady white light and a flashing red light ahead and at the same altitude. What is the general direction of movement of the other aircraft?

A) The other aircraft is flying away from you.
B) The other aircraft is crossing to the left.
C) The other aircraft is crossing to the right.