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Question Number: 231 Subject Code: PLT374

The responsibility for ensuring that an aircraft is maintained in an airworthy condition is primarily that of the

A) pilot in command.
B) owner or operator.
C) mechanic who performs the work.

Question Number: 414 Subject Code: PLT208

What action is most appropriate when an envelope over-temperature condition occurs?

A) Throw all unnecessary equipment overboard.
B) Descend; hover in ground effect until the envelope cools.
C) Land as soon as practical.

Question Number: 263 Subject Code: PLT366

May aircraft wreckage be moved prior to the time the NTSB takes custody?

A) Yes, but only if moved by a federal, state, or local law enforcement officer.
B) Yes, but only to protect the wreckage from further damage.
C) No, it may not be moved under any circumstances.

Question Number: 196 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 23, area 2 and legend 1.) For information about the parachute jumping and glider operations at Silverwood Airport, refer to

A) notes on the border of the chart.
B) the Airport/Facility Directory.
C) the Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) publication.

Question Number: 302 Subject Code: PLT192

Crests of standing mountain waves may be marked by stationary, lens-shaped clouds known as

A) mammatocumulus clouds.
B) standing lenticular clouds.
C) roll clouds.

Question Number: 116 Subject Code: PLT393

(Refer to figure 27, area 2.) What hazards to aircraft may exist in areas, such as Devils Lake East MOA?

A) Unusual, often invisible, hazards to aircraft, such as artillery firing, aerial gunnery, or guided missiles.
B) Military training activities that necessitate acrobatic or abrupt flight maneuvers.
C) High volume of pilot training or an unusual type of aerial activity.

Question Number: 277 Subject Code: PLT514

When telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information, pilots should state

A) the aircraft identification or the pilot's name.
B) true airspeed.
C) fuel on board.

Question Number: 77 Subject Code: PLT147

A below glide slope indication from a tri-color VASI is a

A) red light signal.
B) pink light signal.
C) green light signal.

Question Number: 38 Subject Code: PLT023

Under what condition is indicated altitude the same as true altitude?

A) If the altimeter has no mechanical error.
B) When at sea level under standard conditions.
C) When at 18,000 feet MSL with the altimeter set at 29.92.

Question Number: 167 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 24 and 59.) Determine the compass heading for a flight from Claxton-Evans County Airport (area 2) to Hampton Varnville Airport (area 1). The wind is from 280 at 08 knots, and the true airspeed is 85 knots.

A) 033.
B) 042.
C) 038.