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Question Number: 341 Subject Code: PLT301

Which weather conditions should be expected beneath a low-level temperature inversion layer when the relative humidity is high?

A) Smooth air, poor visibility, fog, haze, or low clouds.
B) Light wind shear, poor visibility, haze, and light rain.
C) Turbulent air, poor visibility, fog, low stratus type clouds, and showery precipitation.

Question Number: 118 Subject Code: PLT376

(Refer to figure 27, area 3.) When flying over Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge, a pilot should fly no lower than

A) 2,000 feet AGL.
B) 2,500 feet AGL.
C) 3,000 feet AGL.

Question Number: 42 Subject Code: PLT166

(Refer to figure 7.) The proper adjustment to make on the attitude indicator during level flight is to align the

A) horizon bar to the level-flight indication.
B) horizon bar to the miniature airplane.
C) miniature airplane to the horizon bar.

Question Number: 565 Subject Code: PLT163

During daytime, what is the minimum flight visibility required for recreational pilots in controlled airspace below 10,000 feet MSL?

A) 1 mile.
B) 3 miles.
C) 5 miles.

Question Number: 315 Subject Code: PLT512

What is meant by the term 'dewpoint'?

A) The temperature at which condensation and evaporation are equal.
B) The temperature at which dew will always form.
C) The temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated.

Question Number: 495 Subject Code: PLT516

What minimum upward current must a glider encounter to maintain altitude?

A) At least 2 feet per second.
B) The same as the glider's sink rate.
C) The same as the adjacent down currents.

Question Number: 243 Subject Code: PLT405

A chair-type parachute must have been packed by a certificated and appropriately rated parachute rigger within the preceding

A) 60 days.
B) 90 days.
C) 120 days.

Question Number: 324 Subject Code: PLT345

Under what condition is pressure altitude and density altitude the same value?

A) At sea level, when the temperature is 0 F.
B) When the altimeter has no installation error.
C) At standard temperature.

Question Number: 233 Subject Code: PLT463

Under what condition, if any, may a pilot allow a person who is obviously under the influence of drugs to be carried aboard an aircraft?

A) In an emergency or if the person is a medical patient under proper care.
B) Only if the person does not have access to the cockpit or pilot's compartment.
C) Under no condition.

Question Number: 22 Subject Code: PLT011

(Refer to figure 41.) Determine the total distance required for takeoff to clear a 50-foot obstacle. OAT Std Pressure altitude 4,000 ft Takeoff weight 2,800 lb Headwind component Calm

A) 1,500 feet.
B) 1,750 feet.
C) 2,000 feet.