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Question Number: 458 Subject Code: PLT304

Which is an advantage of using a CG hook for a winch tow rather than the nose hook?

A) A greater percent of the line length can be used to reach altitude.
B) Maximum release altitude is limited.
C) It is the safest method of launching.

Question Number: 43 Subject Code: PLT132

(Refer to figure 7.) How should a pilot determine the direction of bank from an attitude indicator such as the one illustrated?

A) By the direction of deflection of the banking scale (A).
B) By the direction of deflection of the horizon bar (B).
C) By the relationship of the miniature airplane (C) to the deflected horizon bar (B).

Question Number: 399 Subject Code: PLT057

(Refer to figure 57.) The gross weight of the balloon is 1,200 pounds and the maximum height the pilot needs to attain is 5,000 feet. The maximum temperature to achieve this performance is

A) +37 F.
B) +70 F.
C) +97 F.

Question Number: 157 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 28.) An aircraft departs an airport in the central standard time zone at 0845 CST for a 2-hour flight to an airport located in the mountain standard time zone. The landing should be at what coordinated universal time?

A) 1345Z.
B) 1445Z.
C) 1645Z.

Question Number: 396 Subject Code: PLT353

Radar weather reports are of special interest to pilots because they indicate

A) location of precipitation along with type, intensity, and cell movement of precipitation.
B) location of precipitation along with type, intensity, and trend.
C) large areas of low ceilings and fog.

Question Number: 67 Subject Code: PLT351

A precaution for the operation of an engine equipped with a constant-speed propeller is to

A) avoid high RPM settings with high manifold pressure.
B) avoid high manifold pressure settings with low RPM.
C) always use a rich mixture with high RPM settings.

Question Number: 205 Subject Code: PLT448

What exception, if any, permits a private pilot to act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers who pay for the flight?

A) If the passengers pay all the operating expenses.
B) If a donation is made to a charitable organization for the flight.
C) There is no exception.

Question Number: 150 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 22.) The terrain elevation of the light tan area between Minot (area 1) and Audubon Lake (area 2) varies from

A) sea level to 2,000 feet MSL.
B) 2,000 feet to 2,500 feet MSL.
C) 2,000 feet to 2,700 feet MSL.

Question Number: 533 Subject Code: PLT265

If the pilot experiences ground resonance, and the rotor r.p.m. is not sufficient for flight,

A) open the throttle full and liftoff.
B) apply the rotor brake and stop the rotor as soon as possible.
C) attempt to takeoff at that power setting.

Question Number: 315 Subject Code: PLT512

What is meant by the term 'dewpoint'?

A) The temperature at which condensation and evaporation are equal.
B) The temperature at which dew will always form.
C) The temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated.