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Question Number: 30 Subject Code: PLT088

(Refer to figure 4.) What is the maximum structural cruising speed?

A) 100 MPH.
B) 165 MPH.
C) 208 MPH.

Question Number: 303 Subject Code: PLT192

What cloud types would indicate convective turbulence?

A) Cirrus clouds.
B) Nimbostratus clouds.
C) Towering cumulus clouds.

Question Number: 403 Subject Code: PLT177

All fuel tanks should be fired during preflight to determine

A) the burner pressure and condition of the valves.
B) that the pilot light functions properly on each tank.
C) if there are any leaks in the tank.

Question Number: 170 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 23.) What is the magnetic heading for a flight from Priest River Airport (area 1) to Shoshone County Airport (area 3)? The wind is from 030 at 12 knots, and the true airspeed is 95 knots.

A) 118.
B) 143.
C) 136.

Question Number: 518 Subject Code: PLT221

Air damper valves should normally be kept closed during climbs because any air forced into the system would

A) increase the amount of gas that must be exhausted to prevent the airship from ascending at an excessively high rate.
B) increase the amount of air to be exhausted, resulting in a lower rate of ascent.
C) decrease the purity of the gas within the envelope.

Question Number: 139 Subject Code: PLT204

The correct method of stating 10,500 feet MSL to ATC is


Question Number: 19 Subject Code: PLT008

(Refer to figure 38.) Determine the approximate total distance required to land over a 50-foot obstacle. OAT 90 F Pressure altitude 4,000 ft Weight 2,800 lb Headwind component 10 kts

A) 1,525 feet.
B) 1,775 feet.
C) 1,950 feet.

Question Number: 520 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 25.) An airship passes over the Quitman VOR-DME area 2) at 0940 and then over the intersection of the powerline and Victor 114 at 0948. Approximately what time should the flight arrive over the Bonham VORTAC (area 3)?

A) 1138.
B) 1109.
C) 1117.

Question Number: 383 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 23, area 1.) A balloon, launched at CX Airport located near the east end of Lake Pend Oreille, drifts south-southwest. What is the approximate elevation of the highest terrain for 20 miles along its path?

A) 2,000 - 4,000 feet MSL.
B) 4,000 - 6,000 feet MSL.
C) 6,000 - 7,000 feet MSL.

Question Number: 56 Subject Code: PLT253

On aircraft equipped with fuel pumps, when is the auxiliary electric driven pump used?

A) All the time to aid the engine-driven fuel pump.
B) In the event engine-driven fuel pump fails.
C) Constantly except in starting the engine.