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Question Number: 388 Subject Code: PLT371

With respect to the certification of airmen, which is a category of aircraft?

A) Gyroplane, helicopter, airship, free balloon.
B) Airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter-than-air.
C) Single-engine land and sea, multiengine land and sea.

Question Number: 550 Subject Code: PLT353

(Refer to figure 19, area E.) The top of the precipitation of the cell is

A) 16,000 feet MSL.
B) 25,000 feet MSL.
C) 16,000 feet AGL.

Question Number: 136 Subject Code: PLT334

Pilots are more subject to spatial disorientation if

A) they ignore the sensations of muscles and inner ear.
B) visual cues are taken away, as they are in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC).
C) eyes are moved often in the process of cross-checking the flight instruments.

Question Number: 179 Subject Code: PLT014

(Refer to figure 30, illustration 3.) What is the magnetic bearing FROM the station?

A) 025.
B) 115.
C) 295.

Question Number: 178 Subject Code: PLT014

(Refer to figure 30.) Which ADF indication represents the aircraft tracking TO the station with a right crosswind?

A) 1.
B) 2.
C) 4.

Question Number: 523 Subject Code: PLT116

FAA advisory circulars containing subject matter specifically related to Air Traffic Control and General Operations are issued under which subject number?

A) 60.
B) 70.
C) 90.

Question Number: 166 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 24.) Determine the magnetic heading for a flight from Allendale County Airport (area 1) to Claxton-Evans County Airport (area 2). The wind is from 090 at 16 knots, and the true airspeed is 90 knots.

A) 208.
B) 230.
C) 212.

Question Number: 72 Subject Code: PLT141

An airport's rotating beacon operated during daylight hours indicates

A) there are obstructions on the airport.
B) that weather at the airport located in Class D airspace is below basic VFR weather minimums.
C) the Air Traffic Control tower is not in operation.

Question Number: 170 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 23.) What is the magnetic heading for a flight from Priest River Airport (area 1) to Shoshone County Airport (area 3)? The wind is from 030 at 12 knots, and the true airspeed is 95 knots.

A) 118.
B) 143.
C) 136.

Question Number: 177 Subject Code: PLT091

(Refer to figure 30, illustration 1.) What outbound bearing is the aircraft crossing?

A) 030.
B) 150.
C) 180.