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Question Number: 201 Subject Code: PLT463

How soon after the conviction for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs shall it be reported to the FAA, Civil Aviation Security Division?

A) No later than 60 days after the motor vehicle action.
B) No later than 30 working days after the motor vehicle action.
C) Required to be reported upon renewal of medical certificate.

Question Number: 140 Subject Code: PLT064

Pilots flying over a national wildlife refuge are requested to fly no lower than

A) 1,000 feet AGL.
B) 2,000 feet AGL.
C) 3,000 feet AGL.

Question Number: 302 Subject Code: PLT192

Crests of standing mountain waves may be marked by stationary, lens-shaped clouds known as

A) mammatocumulus clouds.
B) standing lenticular clouds.
C) roll clouds.

Question Number: 555 Subject Code: PLT401

When, if ever, may a recreational pilot act as pilot in command in an aircraft towing a banner?

A) If the pilot has logged 100 hours of flight time in powered aircraft.
B) If the pilot has an endorsement in his/her pilot logbook from an authorized flight instructor.
C) It is not allowed.

Question Number: 15 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 36.) What is the expected fuel consumption for a 1,000-nautical mile flight under the following conditions? Pressure altitude 8,000 ft Temperature 22 C Manifold pressure 20.8 inches Hg Wind Calm

A) 60.2 gallons.
B) 70.1 gallons.
C) 73.2 gallons.

Question Number: 53 Subject Code: PLT189

Generally speaking, the use of carburetor heat tends to

A) decrease engine performance.
B) increase engine performance.
C) have no effect on engine performance.

Question Number: 103 Subject Code: PLT040

(Refer to figure 26, area 4.) The floor of Class B airspace overlying Hicks Airport (T67) north- northwest of Fort Worth Meacham Field is

A) at the surface.
B) 3,200 feet MSL.
C) 4,000 feet MSL.

Question Number: 145 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 22.) Which public use airports depicted are indicated as having fuel?

A) Minot Intl. (area 1) and Garrison (area 2).
B) Minot Intl. (area 1) and Mercer County Regional Airport (area 3).
C) Mercer County Regional Airport (area 3) and Garrison (area 2).

Question Number: 151 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 21, area 1.) What minimum radio equipment is required to land and take off at Norfolk International?

A) Mode C transponder and omnireceiver.
B) Mode C transponder and two-way radio.
C) Mode C transponder, omnireceiver, and DME.

Question Number: 230 Subject Code: PLT383

Unless otherwise specifically authorized, no person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate

A) beneath the floor of Class B airspace.
B) over a densely populated area or in a congested airway.
C) from the primary airport within Class D airspace.