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Question Number: 483 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 21.) Over which area should a glider pilot expect to find the best lift under normal conditions?

A) 6.
B) 7.
C) 5.

Question Number: 145 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 22.) Which public use airports depicted are indicated as having fuel?

A) Minot Intl. (area 1) and Garrison (area 2).
B) Minot Intl. (area 1) and Mercer County Regional Airport (area 3).
C) Mercer County Regional Airport (area 3) and Garrison (area 2).

Question Number: 333 Subject Code: PLT192

If an unstable air mass is forced upward, what type clouds can be expected?

A) Stratus clouds with little vertical development.
B) Stratus clouds with considerable associated turbulence.
C) Clouds with considerable vertical development and associated turbulence.

Question Number: 403 Subject Code: PLT177

All fuel tanks should be fired during preflight to determine

A) the burner pressure and condition of the valves.
B) that the pilot light functions properly on each tank.
C) if there are any leaks in the tank.

Question Number: 80 Subject Code: PLT077

(Refer to figure 49.) According to the airport diagram, which statement is true?

A) Runway 30 is equipped at position E with emergency arresting gear to provide a means of stopping military aircraft.
B) Takeoffs may be started at position A on Runway 12, and the landing portion of this runway begins at position B.
C) The takeoff and landing portion of Runway 12 begins at position B.

Question Number: 228 Subject Code: PLT163

Outside controlled airspace, the minimum flight visibility requirement for VFR flight above 1,200 feet AGL and below 10,000 feet MSL during daylight hours is

A) 1 mile.
B) 3 miles.
C) 5 miles.

Question Number: 144 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 21, area 2.) The flag symbol at Lake Drummond represents a

A) compulsory reporting point for Norfolk Class C airspace.
B) compulsory reporting point for Hampton Roads Airport.
C) visual checkpoint used to identify position for initial callup to Norfolk Approach Control.

Question Number: 500 Subject Code: PLT021

(Refer to figures 45 and 46.) Approximately how much baggage, if any, may be carried in the gyroplane, without exceeding weight and balance limits? WEIGHT MOMENT (LB) (1000) Empty weight 1,074 85.6 Oil, 6 qt --- 1.0 Fuel, Full --- --- Pilot (FWD) 224 ---

A) None, overweight.
B) 70 pounds.
C) 100 pounds.

Question Number: 324 Subject Code: PLT345

Under what condition is pressure altitude and density altitude the same value?

A) At sea level, when the temperature is 0 F.
B) When the altimeter has no installation error.
C) At standard temperature.

Question Number: 377 Subject Code: PLT208

What action should be taken if a balloon encounters unforecast weather and shifts direction abruptly while in the vicinity of a thunderstorm?

A) Land immediately.
B) Descend to and maintain the lowest altitude possible.
C) Ascend to an altitude which will ensure adequate obstacle clearance in all directions.