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Question Number: 412 Subject Code: PLT177

Burner efficiency of a hot air balloon decreases approximately what percent for each 1,000 feet above MSL?

A) 4 percent.
B) 8 percent.
C) 15 percent.

Question Number: 314 Subject Code: PLT226

Low-level turbulence can occur and icing can become hazardous in which type of fog?

A) Rain-induced fog.
B) Upslope fog.
C) Steam fog.

Question Number: 70 Subject Code: PLT140

When should pilots decline a land and hold short (LAHSO) clearance?

A) Pilots can not decline clearance.
B) Only when the tower operator concurs.
C) When it will compromise safety.

Question Number: 38 Subject Code: PLT023

Under what condition is indicated altitude the same as true altitude?

A) If the altimeter has no mechanical error.
B) When at sea level under standard conditions.
C) When at 18,000 feet MSL with the altimeter set at 29.92.

Question Number: 289 Subject Code: PLT514

Which type weather briefing should a pilot request, when departing within the hour, if no preliminary weather information has been received?

A) Outlook briefing.
B) Abbreviated briefing.
C) Standard briefing.

Question Number: 479 Subject Code: PLT496

The minimum allowable strength of a towline used for an aerotow of a glider having a certificated gross weight of 700 pounds is

A) 560 pounds.
B) 700 pounds.
C) 1,000 pounds.

Question Number: 344 Subject Code: PLT495

What conditions are necessary for the formation of thunderstorms?

A) High humidity, lifting force, and unstable conditions.
B) High humidity, high temperature, and cumulus clouds.
C) Lifting force, moist air, and extensive cloud cover.

Question Number: 160 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 28.) An aircraft departs an airport in the Pacific standard time zone at 1030 PST for a 4-hour flight to an airport located in the central standard time zone. The landing should be at what coordinated universal time?

A) 2030Z.
B) 2130Z.
C) 2230Z.

Question Number: 383 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 23, area 1.) A balloon, launched at CX Airport located near the east end of Lake Pend Oreille, drifts south-southwest. What is the approximate elevation of the highest terrain for 20 miles along its path?

A) 2,000 - 4,000 feet MSL.
B) 4,000 - 6,000 feet MSL.
C) 6,000 - 7,000 feet MSL.

Question Number: 457 Subject Code: PLT304

To stop pitch oscillation (porpoising) during a winch launch, the pilot should

A) release back pressure and then pull back against the cycle of pitching oscillation to get in phase with the undulations.
B) signal the ground crew to increase the speed of the tow.
C) relax the back pressure on the control stick and shallow the angle of climb.