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Question Number: 414 Subject Code: PLT208

What action is most appropriate when an envelope over-temperature condition occurs?

A) Throw all unnecessary equipment overboard.
B) Descend; hover in ground effect until the envelope cools.
C) Land as soon as practical.

Question Number: 303 Subject Code: PLT192

What cloud types would indicate convective turbulence?

A) Cirrus clouds.
B) Nimbostratus clouds.
C) Towering cumulus clouds.

Question Number: 48 Subject Code: PLT187

(Refer to figure 5.) A turn coordinator provides an indication of the

A) movement of the aircraft about the yaw and roll axis.
B) angle of bank up to but not exceeding 30.
C) attitude of the aircraft with reference to the longitudinal axis.

Question Number: 308 Subject Code: PLT226

What types of fog depend upon wind in order to exist?

A) Radiation fog and ice fog.
B) Steam fog and ground fog.
C) Advection fog and upslope fog.

Question Number: 92 Subject Code: PLT161

What ATC facility should the pilot contact to receive a special VFR departure clearance in Class D airspace?

A) Automated Flight Service Station.
B) Air Traffic Control Tower.
C) Air Route Traffic Control Center.

Question Number: 544 Subject Code: PLT175

Which is a precaution to be observed during an autorotative descent?

A) Normally, the airspeed is controlled with the collective pitch.
B) Normally, only the cyclic control is used to make turns.
C) Do not allow the rate of descent to get too low at zero airspeed.

Question Number: 382 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 27, area 5.) A balloon drifts over the town of Eckelson on a magnetic course of 328 at 10 MPH. If wind conditions remain constant, where will the balloon be after 2 hours 30 minutes?

A) 4.5 miles north-north west of Hoggarth Airport (Pvt).
B) Over Buchanan.
C) Over Hoggarth Airport (Pvt).

Question Number: 156 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 23.) Determine the magnetic heading for a flight from Sandpoint Airport (area 1) to St. Maries Airport (area 4). The wind is from 215 at 25 knots, and the true airspeed is 125 knots.

A) 169.
B) 349.
C) 187.

Question Number: 203 Subject Code: PLT447

A Third-Class Medical Certificate is issued to a 36-year-old pilot on August 10, this year. To exercise the privileges of a Private Pilot Certificate, the medical certificate will be valid until midnight on

A) August 10, 2 years later.
B) August 31, 3 years later.
C) August 31, 2 years later.

Question Number: 49 Subject Code: PLT337

If the pitot tube and outside static vents become clogged, which instruments would be affected?

A) The altimeter, airspeed indicator, and turn-and-slip indicator.
B) The altimeter, airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator.
C) The altimeter, attitude indicator, and turn-and-slip indicator.