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Question Number: 447 Subject Code: PLT221

What would be a proper action or procedure to use if the pilot is getting too low on a cross-country flight in a sailplane?

A) Continue on course until descending to 1,000 feet above the ground and then plan the landing approach.
B) Fly directly into the wind and make a straight-in approach at the end of the glide.
C) Have a suitable landing area selected upon reaching 2,000 feet AGL, and a specific field chosen upon reaching 1,500 feet AGL.

Question Number: 334 Subject Code: PLT173

What measurement can be used to determine the stability of the atmosphere?

A) Atmospheric pressure.
B) Actual lapse rate.
C) Surface temperature.

Question Number: 51 Subject Code: PLT190

Which condition is most favorable to the development of carburetor icing?

A) Any temperature below freezing and a relative humidity of less than 50 percent.
B) Temperature between 32 and 50 F and low humidity.
C) Temperature between 20 and 70 F and high humidity.

Question Number: 173 Subject Code: PLT455

(Refer to figure 52.) If more than one cruising altitude is intended, which should be entered in block 7 of the flight plan?

A) Initial cruising altitude.
B) Highest cruising altitude.
C) Lowest cruising altitude.

Question Number: 27 Subject Code: PLT161

If Air Traffic Control advises that radar service is terminated when the pilot is departing Class C airspace, the transponder should be set to code

A) 0000.
B) 1200.
C) 4096.

Question Number: 298 Subject Code: PLT290

What is indicated when a current CONVECTIVE SIGMET forecasts thunderstorms?

A) Moderate thunderstorms covering 30 percent of the area.
B) Moderate or severe turbulence.
C) Thunderstorms obscured by massive cloud layers.

Question Number: 575 Subject Code: PLT068

(Refer to figure 20.) At what altitude is the freezing level over the middle of Florida on the12-hour Significant Weather Prognostic Chart?

A) 4,000 feet.
B) 12,000 feet.
C) 8,000 feet.

Question Number: 161 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 22.) What is the estimated time en route from Mercer County Regional Airport (area 3) to Minot International (area 1)? The wind is from 330 at 25 knots and the true airspeed is 100 knots. Add 3-1/2 minutes for departure and climb-out.

A) 44 minutes.
B) 48 minutes.
C) 52 minutes.

Question Number: 313 Subject Code: PLT274

In which environment is aircraft structural ice most likely to have the highest accumulation rate?

A) Cumulus clouds with below freezing temperatures.
B) Freezing drizzle.
C) Freezing rain.

Question Number: 367 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 24.) While en route on Victor 185, a flight crosses the 248 radial of Allendale VOR at 0953 and then crosses the 216 radial of Allendale VOR at 1000. What is the estimated time of arrival at Savannah VORTAC?

A) 1023.
B) 1036.
C) 1028.