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Question Number: 160 Subject Code: PLT012

(Refer to figure 28.) An aircraft departs an airport in the Pacific standard time zone at 1030 PST for a 4-hour flight to an airport located in the central standard time zone. The landing should be at what coordinated universal time?

A) 2030Z.
B) 2130Z.
C) 2230Z.

Question Number: 260 Subject Code: PLT366

Which incident requires an immediate notification to the nearest NTSB field office?

A) A forced landing due to engine failure.
B) Landing gear damage, due to a hard landing.
C) Flight control system malfunction or failure.

Question Number: 133 Subject Code: PLT332

When a stressful situation is encountered in flight, an abnormal increase in the volume of air breathed in and out can cause a condition known as

A) hyperventilation.
B) aerosinusitis.
C) aerotitis.

Question Number: 284 Subject Code: PLT072

(Refer to figure 15.) What is the valid period for the TAF for KMEM?

A) 1800Z to 1800Z.
B) 1200Z to 1800Z.
C) 1200Z to 1200Z.

Question Number: 378 Subject Code: PLT389

The minimum size a launch site should be is at least

A) twice the height of the balloon.
B) 100 feet for every 1 knot of wind.
C) 500 feet on the downwind side.

Question Number: 129 Subject Code: PLT509

The wind condition that requires maximum caution when avoiding wake turbulence on landing is a

A) light, quartering headwind.
B) light, quartering tailwind.
C) strong headwind.

Question Number: 570 Subject Code: PLT448

How many passengers is a recreational pilot allowed to carry on board?

A) One.
B) Two.
C) Three.

Question Number: 471 Subject Code: PLT054

(Refer to figure 55.) At what speed will the glider gain the most distance while descending 1,000 feet in still air?

A) 44 MPH.
B) 53 MPH.
C) 83 MPH.

Question Number: 94 Subject Code: PLT064

(Refer to figure 23, area 2; and figure 32.) At Coeur D'Alene , which frequency should be used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to self-announce position and intentions?

A) 122.05 MHz.
B) 122.1/108.8 MHz.
C) 122.8 MHz.

Question Number: 366 Subject Code: PLT351

What is an advantage of a constant-speed propeller?

A) Permits the pilot to select and maintain a desired cruising speed.
B) Permits the pilot to select the blade angle for the most efficient performance.
C) Provides a smoother operation with stable RPM and eliminates vibrations.