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Question Number: 4872 Subject Code: I05

Which instruments are considered to be supporting instruments for pitch during change of airspeed in a level turn?

A) Airspeed indicator and VSI.
B) Altimeter and attitude indicator.
C) Attitude indicator and VSI.

Question Number: 4380 Subject Code: J14

When ATC has not imposed any climb or descent restrictions and aircraft are within 1,000 feet of assigned altitude, pilots should attempt to both climb and descend at a rate of between

A) 500 feet per minute and 1,000 feet per minute.
B) 500 feet per minute and 1,500 feet per minute.
C) 1000 feet per minute and 2,000 feet per minute.

Question Number: 4508 Subject Code: J35

(Refer to figure 89.) What type airspace exists above Bryce Canyon Airport from the surface to 1,200 feet AGL?

A) Class D.
B) Class G.
C) Class E.

Question Number: 4581 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 100.) Which RMI illustration indicates the aircraft is southwest of the station and moving closer TO the station?

A) 3.
B) 1.
C) 2.

Question Number: 4833 Subject Code: I05

When airspeed is decreased in a turn, what must be done to maintain level flight?

A) Decrease the angle of bank and/or increase the angle of attack.
B) Increase the angle of attack.
C) Increase the angle of bank and/or decrease the angle of attack.

Question Number: 4904 Subject Code: I04

If a standard rate turn is maintained, how much time would be required to turn to the left from a heading of 090? to a heading of 300??

A) 40 seconds.
B) 50 seconds.
C) 30 seconds.

Question Number: 4912 Subject Code: I04

The pressure altitude at a given location is indicated on the altimeter after the altimeter is set to

A) the field elevation.
B) 29.92" Hg.
C) the current altimeter setting.

Question Number: 4339 Subject Code: I10

(Refer to figures 65 and 67.) What is the significance of the symbol at GRICE intersection?

A) It signifies a localizer only approach is available at Harry P. Williams Memorial.
B) GRICE intersection also serves as the FAF for the ILS approach procedure to Harry P. Williams Memorial.
C) The localizer has an ATC function in addition to course guidance.

Question Number: 4388 Subject Code: J01

In which publication can the VOR receiver ground checkpoint(s) for a particular airport be found?

A) En Route Low Altitude Chart.
B) Airman's Information Manual.
C) Airport/Facility Directory.

Question Number: 4867 Subject Code: I05

While recovering from an unusual flight attitude without the aid of the attitude indicator, approximate level pitch attitude is reached when the

A) airspeed and altimeter stop their movement and the VSI reverses its trend.
B) airspeed arrives at cruising speed, the altimeter reverses its trend, and the vertical speed stops its movement.
C) altimeter and vertical speed reverse their trend and the airspeed stops its movement.