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Question Number: 4777 Subject Code: J03

Tricolor Visual Approach Indicators normally consist of

A) three separate light projecting units of very high candle power with a daytime range of approximately 5 miles.
B) a single unit, projecting a three color visual approach path.
C) three separate light units, each projecting a different color approach path.

Question Number: 4273 Subject Code: J01

(Refer to figures 27 and 30.) To which maximum service volume distance from the OED VORTAC should you expect to receive adequate signal coverage for navigation at the flight planned altitude?

A) 80 NM.
B) 40 NM.
C) 100 NM.

Question Number: 4790 Subject Code: J03

(Refer to figure 136.) Which illustration would a pilot observe if the aircraft is less than 2.5??

A) 11.
B) 12.
C) 10.

Question Number: 4695 Subject Code: B97

(Refer to figure 131.) What minimum equipment, in addition to voice communications, is required to make the LOC RWY 18 approach at Stapleton International Airport?

A) VOR/LOC, transponder with altitude/ encoding.
C) DME, transponder with altitude encoding, VOR/LOC, and Marker Beacon.

Question Number: 4940 Subject Code: I05

(Refer to figure 149.) What is the flight attitude? One system which transmits information to the instruments has malfunctioned.

A) Level turn to the right.
B) Level turn to the left.
C) Straight and level flight.

Question Number: 4900 Subject Code: I05

Errors in both pitch and bank indication on an attitude indicator are usually at a maximum as the aircraft rolls out of a

A) 270? turn.
B) 180? turn.
C) 360? turn.

Question Number: 4179 Subject Code: I43

"WND" in the categorical outlook in the Aviation Area Forecast means that the wind during that period is forecast to be

A) At least 20 knots or stronger.
B) At least 6 knots or stronger.
C) At least 15 knots or stronger.

Question Number: 4653 Subject Code: B11

Refer to figure 123.) What minimum navigation equipment is required to complete the VOR/DME-A procedure?

A) One VOR receiver and DME.
B) Two VOR receivers and DME.
C) One VOR receiver.

Question Number: 4449 Subject Code: J14

Which rules apply to the pilot in command when operating on a VFR on Top clearance?

A) VFR only.
B) VFR when ``in the clear'' and IFR when ``in the clouds.''
C) VFR and IFR.

Question Number: 4447 Subject Code: J08

Where are VFR on Top operations prohibited?

A) In Class A airspace.
B) When flying through Class B airspace.
C) During off airways direct flights.