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Question Number: 4135 Subject Code: I30

Where can wind shear associated with a thunderstorm be found? Choose the most complete answer.

A) In front of the thunderstorm cell and directly under the cell.
B) On all sides of the thunderstorm cell and directly under the cell.
C) In front of the thunderstorm cell (anvil side) and on the right side of the cell.

Question Number: 4698 Subject Code: B97

(Refer to figure 133.) What type of entry is recommended for the missed approach holding pattern at Riverside Municipal?

A) Direct.
B) Parallel.
C) Teardrop.

Question Number: 4525 Subject Code: B09

(Refer to figure 92.) What is the minimum in-flight visibility and distance from clouds required for an airplane operating less than 1,200 feet AGL under special VFR during daylight hours in area 5?

A) 1 mile; (I) clear of clouds; (J) clear of clouds; (L) clear of clouds.
B) 3 miles; (I) clear of clouds; (J) clear of clouds; (L) 500 feet.
C) 1 mile; (I) 2,000 feet; (J) 2,000 feet; (L) 500 feet.

Question Number: 4395 Subject Code: J14

What response is expected when ATC issues an IFR clearance to pilots of airborne aircraft?

A) Read back should be unsolicited and spontaneous to confirm that the pilot understands all instructions.
B) Read back those parts containing altitude assignments or vectors and any part requiring verification.
C) Read back the entire clearance as required by regulation.

Question Number: 4496 Subject Code: J35

(Refer to figure 87.) What is indicated by the localizer course symbol at Jefferson Co Field?

A) A published ILS localizer course with an ATC function is available.
B) A published LDA localizer course is available.
C) A published SDF localizer course is aviailable.

Question Number: 4828 Subject Code: I04

(Refer to figure 143.) When the system is in the free gyro mode, depressing the clockwise manual heading drive button will rotate the remote indicating compass card to the

A) left to eliminate left compass card error.
B) right to eliminate right compass card error.
C) right to eliminate left compass card error.

Question Number: 4684 Subject Code: I10

(Refer to figure 129.) What minimum airborne equipment is required to be operative for RNAV RWY 36 approach at Adams Field?

A) Any approved RNAV receiver.
B) An approved RNAV receiver that provides both horizontal and vertical guidance.
C) A transponder and an approved RNAV receiver that provides both horizontal and vertical guidance.

Question Number: 4569 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figures 96 and 97.) To which aircraft position(s) does HSI presentation ``G'' correspond?

A) 5 and 13.
B) 7 and 11.
C) 7 only.

Question Number: 4596 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 105.) If the magnetic heading shown for airplane 4 is maintained, which ADF illustration would indicate the airplane is on the 135? magnetic bearing TO the station?

A) 8.
B) 4.
C) 1.

Question Number: 4482 Subject Code: J26

How does a pilot normally obtain the current altimeter setting during an IFR flight in Class E airspace below 18,000 feet?

A) ATC periodically advises the pilot of the proper altimeter setting.
B) The pilot should contact ARTCC at least every 100 NM and request the altimeter setting.
C) FSS's along the route broadcast the weather information at 15 minutes past the hour.