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Question Number: 4286 Subject Code: J18

(Refer to figures 35 and 35A.) At which point does the BUJ.BUJ3 arrival begin?

A) At BOGAR intersection.

Question Number: 4835 Subject Code: I05

Which condition during taxi is an indication that an attitude indicator is unreliable?

A) The horizon bar tilts more than 5? while making taxi turns.
B) The horizon bar does not align itself with the miniature airplane after warmup.
C) The horizon bar vibrates during warmup.

Question Number: 4166 Subject Code: I31

What types of fog depend upon a wind in order to exist?

A) Advection fog and upslope fog.
B) Steam fog and downslope fog.
C) Precipitation induced fog and ground fog.

Question Number: 4430 Subject Code: B11

What altitude may a pilot select upon receiving a VFR on Top clearance?

A) Any altitude at least 1,000 feet above the meteorological condition.
B) Any VFR altitude appropriate for the direction of flight at least 1,000 feet above the meteorological condition.
C) Any appropriate VFR altitude at or above the MEA in VFR weather conditions.

Question Number: 4902 Subject Code: I04

One characteristic that a properly functioning gyro depends upon for operation is the

A) ability to resist precession 90? to any applied force.
B) deflecting force developed from the angular velocity of the spinning wheel.
C) resistance to deflection of the spinning wheel or disc.

Question Number: 4095 Subject Code: I21

How much colder than standard temperature is the actual temperature at 9,000 feet, as indicated in the following excerpt from the Winds and Temperature Aloft Forecast?

FT       6000        9000
0737-04 1043-10

A) 7 ?C.
B) 10 ?C.
C) 3 ?C.

Question Number: 4147 Subject Code: I30

What is an indication that downdrafts have developed and the thunderstorm cell has entered the mature stage?

A) A gust front forms.
B) Precipitation begins to fall from the cloud base.
C) The anvil top has completed its development.

Question Number: 4159 Subject Code: I24

What enhances the growth rate of precipitation?

A) Cyclonic movement.
B) Upward currents.
C) Advective action.

Question Number: 4446 Subject Code: J26

While you are flying at FL 250, you hear ATC give an altimeter setting of 28.92" Hg in your area. At what pressure altitude are you flying?

A) 25,000 feet.
B) 24,000 feet.
C) 26,000 feet.

Question Number: 4633 Subject Code: J19

Under which of the following circumstances will ATC issue a VFR restriction to an IFR flight?

A) When it is necessary to provide separation between IFR and special VFR traffic.
B) When the pilot requests it.
C) Whenever the pilot reports the loss of any navigational aid.