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Question Number: 4674 Subject Code: J01

(Refer to figure 128.) How should a pilot determine when the DME at Price/Carbon County Airport is inoperative?

A) The airborne DME will ``search,'' but will not ``lock on.''
B) The airborne DME may appear normal, but there will be no code tone.
C) The airborne DME will always indicate ``0'' mileage.

Question Number: 4198 Subject Code: I41

Which response most closely interprets the following PIREP?

UA/OV OKC 063064/TM 1522/FL080/TP C172/TA -04/WV 245040/TB LGT/RM IN CLR.

A) Reported by a Cessna 172, turbulence and light rime icing in climb to 8,000 ft.
B) 63 nautical miles on the 64 degree radial from Oklahoma City, thunderstorm and light rain at 1522 UTC.
C) 64 nautical miles on the 63 degree radial from Oklahoma City VOR at 1522 UTC, flight level 8,000 ft. Type of aircraft is a Cessna 172.

Question Number: 4720 Subject Code: K04

When passing through an abrupt wind shear which involves a shift from a tailwind to a headwind, what power management would normally be required to maintain a constant indicated airspeed and ILS glide slope?

A) Higher than normal power initially, followed by a further increase as the wind shear is encountered, then a decrease.
B) Higher than normal power initially, followed by a decrease as the shear is encountered, then an increase.
C) Lower than normal power initially, followed by a further decrease as the wind shear is encountered, then an increase.

Question Number: 4916 Subject Code: H66

If severe turbulence is encountered during your IFR flight, the airplane should be slowed to the design maneuvering speed because the

A) maneuverability of the airplane will be increased.
B) amount of excess load that can be imposed on the wing will be decreased.
C) airplane will stall at a lower angle of attack, giving an increased margin of safety.

Question Number: 4413 Subject Code: I08

Which DME indication should you receive when you are directly over a VORTAC site at approximately 6,000 feet AGL?

A) 0.
B) 1.3.
C) 1.

Question Number: 4884 Subject Code: I04

Which instrument indicates the quality of a turn?

A) Heading indicator or magnetic compass.
B) Attitude indicator.
C) Ball of the turn coordinator.

Question Number: 4248 Subject Code: I50

(Refer to figure 9.) The heavy line with an arrowhead delineates an area of probable general thunderstorm activity (AUG 25 panel) located

A) to the right and inside the line extending south through Michigan, Oklahoma, and ending in North Carolina.
B) only in hatched areas.
C) to the right of the line when facing in the direction of the arrow.

Question Number: 4479 Subject Code: I04

Which altitude is indicated when the altimeter is set to 29.92" Hg ?

A) Density.
B) Standard.
C) Pressure.

Question Number: 4908 Subject Code: I04

If, while in level flight, it becomes necessary to use an alternate source of static pressure vented inside the airplane, which of the following should the pilot expect?

A) The vertical speed to momentarily show a descent.
B) The altimeter to read lower than normal.
C) The vertical speed to momentarily show a climb.

Question Number: 4142 Subject Code: I43

If squalls are reported at your destination, what wind conditions should you anticipate?

A) Peak gusts of at least 35 knots for a sustained period of 1 minute or longer.
B) Sudden increases in windspeed of at least 15 knots to a peak of 20 knots or more, lasting for at least 1 minute.
C) Rapid variation in wind direction of at least 20? and changes in speed of at least 10 knots between peaks and lulls.