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Question Number: 4316 Subject Code: J40

(Refer to figure 52.) Using an average groundspeed of 100 knots, what minimum rate of climb would meet the required minimum climb rate per NM as specified by the SID?

A) 642 feet per minute.
B) 580 feet per minute.
C) 425 feet per minute.

Question Number: 4464 Subject Code: J24

You are in IMC and have two way radio communications failure. If you do not exercise emergency authority, what procedure are you expected to follow?

A) Set transponder to 7700 and fly to an area where you can let down in VFR conditions.
B) Set transponder to code 7700 for 1 minute, then to 7600, and fly to an area with VFR weather conditions.
C) Set transponder to code 7600, continue flight on assigned route and fly at the last assigned altitude or the MEA, whichever is higher.

Question Number: 4674 Subject Code: J01

(Refer to figure 128.) How should a pilot determine when the DME at Price/Carbon County Airport is inoperative?

A) The airborne DME will ``search,'' but will not ``lock on.''
B) The airborne DME may appear normal, but there will be no code tone.
C) The airborne DME will always indicate ``0'' mileage.

Question Number: 4525 Subject Code: B09

(Refer to figure 92.) What is the minimum in-flight visibility and distance from clouds required for an airplane operating less than 1,200 feet AGL under special VFR during daylight hours in area 5?

A) 1 mile; (I) clear of clouds; (J) clear of clouds; (L) clear of clouds.
B) 3 miles; (I) clear of clouds; (J) clear of clouds; (L) 500 feet.
C) 1 mile; (I) 2,000 feet; (J) 2,000 feet; (L) 500 feet.

Question Number: 4551 Subject Code: I08

When checking the sensitivity of a VOR receiver, the number of degrees in course change as the OBS is rotated to move the CDI from center to the last dot on either side should be between

A) 5? and 6?.
B) 10? and 12?.
C) 8? and 10?.

Question Number: 4206 Subject Code: I45

(Refer to figure 4.) What is the meaning of a bracket (]) plotted to the right of the station circle on a weather depiction chart?

A) The station represents the en route conditions within a 50 mile radius.
B) The station is an automated observation location.
C) The station gives local overview of flying conditions for a six hour period.

Question Number: 4830 Subject Code: L57

If both the ram air input and the drain hole of the pitot system are blocked, what reaction should you observe on the airspeed indicator when power is applied and a climb is initiated out of severe icing conditions?

A) The airspeed would drop to, and remain at, zero.
B) The indicated airspeed would show a continuous deceleration while climbing.
C) No change until an actual climb rate is established, then indicated airspeed will increase.

Question Number: 4025 Subject Code: A20

The pilot in command of a civil aircraft must have an instrument rating only when operating

A) in weather conditions less than the minimum prescribed for VFR flight.
B) under IFR, in weather conditions less than the minimum for VFR flight, and in class A airspace.
C) under IFR in controlled airspace and in a positive control area or positive control route segment.

Question Number: 4696 Subject Code: B97

(Refer to figure 133.) How should a pilot reverse course to get established on the inbound course of the ILS RWY 9, if radar vectoring or the three IAF's are not utilized?

A) Use any type of procedure turn, but remain within 10 NM of Riverside VOR.
B) Make an appropriate entry to the depicted holding pattern at Swan Lake OM/INT.
C) Execute a standard 45? procedure turn toward Seal Beach VORTAC or Pomona VORTAC.

Question Number: 4096 Subject Code: I21

The primary cause of all changes in the Earth's weather is

A) variation of solar energy received by the Earth's regions.
B) movement of the air masses.
C) changes in air pressure over the Earth's surface.