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Question Number: 4146 Subject Code: I30

Which procedure is recommended if a pilot should unintentionally penetrate embedded thunderstorm activity?

A) Set power for recommended turbulence penetration airspeed and attempt to maintain a level flight attitude.
B) Reduce airspeed to maneuvering speed and maintain a constant altitude.
C) Reverse aircraft heading or proceed toward an area of known VFR conditions.

Question Number: 4514 Subject Code: I13

(Refer to figure 91.) Southbound on V257, at what time should you arrive at DBS VORTAC if you crossed over CPN VORTAC at 0850 and over DIVID intersection at 0854?

A) 0947.
B) 0939.
C) 0943.

Question Number: 4889 Subject Code: I05

What causes the northerly turning error in a magnetic compass?

A) Centrifugal force acting on the compass card.
B) Coriolis force at the mid latitudes.
C) The magnetic dip characteristic.

Question Number: 4422 Subject Code: J33

What is meant when departure control instructs you to ``resume own navigation'' after you have been vectored to a Victor airway?

A) Radar service is terminated.
B) You are still in radar contact, but must make position reports.
C) You should maintain the airway by use of your navigation equipment.

Question Number: 4453 Subject Code: J14

In which airspace is VFR on Top operation prohibited?

A) Class B airspace.
B) Class E airspace.
C) Class A airspace.

Question Number: 4691 Subject Code: B97

(Refer to figure 131.) What is the Category B HAT for the LOC RWY S-18 approach at Stapleton International?

A) 547 AGL.
B) 300 AGL.
C) 319 AGL.

Question Number: 4491 Subject Code: J16

(Refer to figure 85.) What is the minimum rate climb per NM to 9,000 feet required for the WASH2 WAGGE Departure?

A) 875 feet.
B) 400 feet.
C) 750 feet.

Question Number: 4105 Subject Code: I23

What causes surface winds to flow across the isobars at an angle rather than parallel to the isobars?

A) Surface friction.
B) The greater density of the air at the surface.
C) Coriolis force.

Question Number: 4731 Subject Code: I12

Which pilot action is appropriate if more than one component of an ILS is unusable?

A) Request another approach appropriate to the equipment that is useable.
B) Use the highest minimum required by any single component that is unusable.
C) Raise the minimums a total of that required by each component that is unusable.

Question Number: 4888 Subject Code: I05

On what headings will the magnetic compass read most accurately during a level 360? turn, with a bank of approximately 15??

A) 135? through 225?.
B) 180? and 0?.
C) 90? and 270?.