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Question Number: 4746 Subject Code: B97

Which fixes on the IAP Charts are initial approach fixes?

A) Any fix on the en route facilities ring, the feeder facilities ring, and those at the start of arc approaches.
B) Only the fixes at the start of arc approaches and those on either the feeder facilities ring or en route facilities ring that have a transition course shown to the approach procedure.
C) Any fix that is identified by the letters IAF.

Question Number: 4089 Subject Code: I22

Under what condition is pressure altitude and density altitude the same value?

A) When indicated, and pressure altitudes are the same value on the altimeter.
B) At standard temperature.
C) When the altimeter setting is 29.92" Hg.

Question Number: 4876 Subject Code: I05

Which instruments should be used to make a pitch correction when you have deviated from your assigned altitude?

A) Altimeter and VSI.
B) Manifold pressure gauge and VSI.
C) Attitude indicator, altimeter, and VSI.

Question Number: 4562 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 95.) Which OBS selection on the No. 2 NAV would center the CDI and change the ambiguity indication to a TO?

A) 166?.
B) 346?.
C) 354?.

Question Number: 4440 Subject Code: B08

Which of the following is required equipment for operating an airplane within Class B airspace?

A) A VOR receiver with DME.
B) A 4096 code transponder with automatic pressure altitude reporting equipment.
C) A 4096 code transponder.

Question Number: 4377 Subject Code: J01

How should the pilot make a VOR receiver check when the aircraft is located on the designated checkpoint on the airport surface?

A) Set the OBS on the designated radial. The CDI must center within plus or minus 4? of that radial with a FROM indication.
B) Set the OBS on 180? plus or minus 4?; the CDI should center with a FROM indication.
C) With the aircraft headed directly toward the VOR and the OBS set to 000?, the CDI should center within plus or minus 4? of that radial with a TO indication.

Question Number: 4187 Subject Code: I43

What is the maximum forecast period for AIRMET's?

A) Six hours.
B) Four hours.
C) Two hours.

Question Number: 4372 Subject Code: J01

What is the maximum tolerance allowed for an operational VOR equipment check when using a VOT?

A) Plus or minus 6?.
B) Plus or minus 8?.
C) Plus or minus 4?.

Question Number: 4594 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 105.) If the magnetic heading shown for airplane 1 is maintained, which ADF illustration would indicate the airplane is on the 060? magnetic bearing TO the station?

A) 4.
B) 2.
C) 5.

Question Number: 4148 Subject Code: I30

What are the requirements for the formation of a thunderstorm?

A) A cumulus cloud with sufficient moisture.
B) Sufficient moisture, an unstable lapse rate, and a lifting action.
C) A cumulus cloud with sufficient moisture and an inverted lapse rate.