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Question Number: 4830 Subject Code: L57

If both the ram air input and the drain hole of the pitot system are blocked, what reaction should you observe on the airspeed indicator when power is applied and a climb is initiated out of severe icing conditions?

A) The airspeed would drop to, and remain at, zero.
B) The indicated airspeed would show a continuous deceleration while climbing.
C) No change until an actual climb rate is established, then indicated airspeed will increase.

Question Number: 4911 Subject Code: I04

At an altitude of 6,500 feet MSL, the current altimeter setting is 30.42" Hg. The pressure altitude would be approximately

A) 7,500 feet.
B) 6,000 feet.
C) 6,500 feet.

Question Number: 4011 Subject Code: B08

What are the minimum qualifications for a person who occupies the other control seat as safety pilot during simulated instrument flight?

A) Appropriately rated in the aircraft.
B) Private pilot with instrument rating.
C) Private pilot.

Question Number: 4869 Subject Code: I05

Which instruments, in addition to the attitude indicator, are pitch instruments?

A) Altimeter and VSI only.
B) Altimeter, airspeed indicator, and vertical speed indicator.
C) Altimeter and airspeed only.

Question Number: 4822 Subject Code: J18

During a ``no gyro'' approach and prior to being handed off to the final approach controller, the pilot should make all turns

A) one half standard rate unless otherwise advised.
B) any rate not exceeding a 30? bank.
C) standard rate unless otherwise advised.

Question Number: 4674 Subject Code: J01

(Refer to figure 128.) How should a pilot determine when the DME at Price/Carbon County Airport is inoperative?

A) The airborne DME will ``search,'' but will not ``lock on.''
B) The airborne DME may appear normal, but there will be no code tone.
C) The airborne DME will always indicate ``0'' mileage.

Question Number: 4786 Subject Code: J03

(Refer to figure 136.) Which illustration depicts an ``on glidepath'' indication?

A) 11.
B) 10.
C) 8.

Question Number: 4085 Subject Code: B10

What standard minimums are required to list an airport as an alternate on an IFR flight plan if the airport has VOR approach only?

A) Ceiling and visibility at ETA, 600 feet and 2 miles, respectively.
B) Ceiling and visibility from 2 hours before until 2 hours after ETA, 800 feet and 2 miles, respectively.
C) Ceiling and visibility at ETA, 800 feet and 2 miles, respectively.

Question Number: 4066 Subject Code: B10

When is an IFR clearance required during VFR weather conditions?

A) When operating in a Class A airspace.
B) When operating in airspace above 14,500 feet.
C) When operating in the Class E airspace.

Question Number: 4577 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figures 98 and 99.) To which aircraft position does HSI presentation ``C'' correspond?

A) 12.
B) 6.
C) 7.