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Question Number: 4228 Subject Code: I43

From which primary source should you obtain information regarding the weather expected to exist at your destination at your estimated time of arrival?

A) Radar Summary and Weather Depiction Chart.
B) Terminal Aerodrome Forecast.
C) Weather Depiction Chart.

Question Number: 4397 Subject Code: I08

Which distance is displayed by the DME indicator?

A) Slant range distance in SM.
B) Slant range distance in NM.
C) Line of sight direct distance from aircraft to VORTAC in SM.

Question Number: 4641 Subject Code: J18

While being radar vectored, an approach clearance is received. The last assigned altitude should be maintained until

A) established on a segment of a published route or IAP.
B) advised to begin descent.
C) reaching the FAF.

Question Number: 4888 Subject Code: I05

On what headings will the magnetic compass read most accurately during a level 360? turn, with a bank of approximately 15??

A) 135? through 225?.
B) 180? and 0?.
C) 90? and 270?.

Question Number: 4558 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 95.) On which radial is the aircraft as indicated by the No. 1 NAV?

A) R 165.
B) R 175.
C) R 345.

Question Number: 4306 Subject Code: I12

(Refer to figures 49.) What should be used to establish the MAP on the LORAN RNAV RWY 10 approach at Portland International Airport?

A) 6 NM from FAF.
B) 2.5 NM from FAF.
C) 3.5 NM from PONCO waypoint.

Question Number: 4339 Subject Code: I10

(Refer to figures 65 and 67.) What is the significance of the symbol at GRICE intersection?

A) It signifies a localizer only approach is available at Harry P. Williams Memorial.
B) GRICE intersection also serves as the FAF for the ILS approach procedure to Harry P. Williams Memorial.
C) The localizer has an ATC function in addition to course guidance.

Question Number: 4596 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 105.) If the magnetic heading shown for airplane 4 is maintained, which ADF illustration would indicate the airplane is on the 135? magnetic bearing TO the station?

A) 8.
B) 4.
C) 1.

Question Number: 4623 Subject Code: J17

(Refer to figure 117.) You receive this ATC clearance:
At station passage you note the indications in figure 117. What is the recommended procedure to enter the holding pattern?

A) Direct only.
B) Parallel only.
C) Teardrop only.

Question Number: 4175 Subject Code: I47

What does a Convective Outlook (AC) describe for a following 24 hour period?

A) When forecast conditions are expected to continue beyond the valid period.
B) General thunderstorm activity.
C) A severe weather watch bulletin.