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Practice Test Questions

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Question Number: 4560 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figure 95.) What is the lateral displacement in degrees from the desired radial on the No. 2 NAV?

A) 2?.
B) 1?.
C) 4?.

Question Number: 4074 Subject Code: J15

(Refer to figure 1.) What information should be entered in block 7 of an IFR flight plan if the flight has three legs, each at a different altitude?

A) Altitude for first leg.
B) Highest altitude.
C) Altitude for first leg and highest altitude.

Question Number: 4220 Subject Code: I42

Interpret this PIREP.


A) FL 60,000, intermittently below clouds; moderate rain, turbulence increasing with the wind.
B) At 6,000 feet; between layers; moderate turbulence; moderate rain.
C) Ceiling 6,000 feet intermittently below moderate thundershowers; turbulence increasing westward.

Question Number: 4566 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figures 96 and 97.) To which aircraft position does HSI presentation ``D'' correspond?

A) 10.
B) 2.
C) 1.

Question Number: 4353 Subject Code: J42

(Refer to figure 73.) Which sequence of marker beacon indicator lights, and their respective codes, will you receive on the ILS RWY 6 approach procedure to the MAP?

A) Blue - alternate dots and dashes; amber - dashes.
B) Blue - dashes; amber - alternate dots and dashes.
C) Amber - alternate dots and dashes; blue - dashes.

Question Number: 4267 Subject Code: H34

(Refer to figures 27 and 28.) What CAS must be used to maintain the filed TAS at the flight planned altitude if the outside air temperature is -5 ?C?

A) 134 KCAS.
B) 142 KCAS.
C) 139 KCAS.

Question Number: 4407 Subject Code: B07

When may ATC request a detailed report of an emergency even though a rule has not been violated?

A) When priority has been given.
B) When the emergency occurs in controlled airspace.
C) Any time an emergency occurs.

Question Number: 4817 Subject Code: J31

Which use of cockpit lighting is correct for night flight?

A) The use of regular white light, such as a flashlight, will not impair night adaptation.
B) Reducing the interior lighting intensity to a minimum level.
C) Coloration shown on maps is least affected by the use of direct red lighting.

Question Number: 4434 Subject Code: J09

MOAs are established to

A) separate certain military activities from IFR traffic.
B) restrict civil aircraft during periods of high density training activities.
C) prohibit all civil aircraft because of hazardous or secret activities.

Question Number: 4631 Subject Code: J18

If the pilot loses visual reference while circling to land from an instrument approach and ATC radar service is not available, the missed approach action should be to

A) climb to the published circling minimums then proceed direct to the final approach fix.
B) make a climbing turn toward the landing runway and continue the turn until established on the missed approach course.
C) execute a climbing turn to parallel the published final approach course and climb to the initial approach altitude.