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Question Number: 4921 Subject Code: I05

The displacement of a turn coordinator during a coordinated turn will

A) increase as angle of bank increases.
B) remain constant for a given bank regardless of airspeed.
C) indicate the angle of bank.

Question Number: 4919 Subject Code: I04

When an airplane is decelerated, some attitude indicators will precess and incorrectly indicate a

A) descent.
B) left turn.
C) climb.

Question Number: 4923 Subject Code: I04

Pressure altitude is the altitude read on your altimeter when the instrument is adjusted to indicate height above

A) ground level.
B) sea level.
C) the standard datum plane.

Question Number: 4377 Subject Code: J01

How should the pilot make a VOR receiver check when the aircraft is located on the designated checkpoint on the airport surface?

A) Set the OBS on the designated radial. The CDI must center within plus or minus 4? of that radial with a FROM indication.
B) Set the OBS on 180? plus or minus 4?; the CDI should center with a FROM indication.
C) With the aircraft headed directly toward the VOR and the OBS set to 000?, the CDI should center within plus or minus 4? of that radial with a TO indication.

Question Number: 4577 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figures 98 and 99.) To which aircraft position does HSI presentation ``C'' correspond?

A) 12.
B) 6.
C) 7.

Question Number: 4847 Subject Code: I03

What indications are displayed by the miniature aircraft of a turn coordinator?

A) Indirect indication of bank angle and pitch attitude.
B) Direct indication of bank angle and pitch attitude.
C) Rate of roll and rate of turn.

Question Number: 4476 Subject Code: J08

What are the vertical limits of a transition area that is designated in conjunction with an airport having a prescribed IAP?

A) 700 feet AGL or more to the base of the overlying controlled airspace.
B) 1,200 feet AGL to the base of the overlying controlled airspace.
C) Surface to 700 feet AGL.

Question Number: 4221 Subject Code: I47

(Refer to figure 7.) What weather conditions are depicted within the area indicated by arrow E?

A) Frequent cumulonimbus, five eighths to eight eighths coverage, bases below 24,000 feet MSL and tops at 37,000 feet MSL.
B) Frequent lightning in thunderstorms at FL 370.
C) Frequent embedded thunderstorms, less than one eighth coverage, tops at FL 370.

Question Number: 4900 Subject Code: I05

Errors in both pitch and bank indication on an attitude indicator are usually at a maximum as the aircraft rolls out of a

A) 270? turn.
B) 180? turn.
C) 360? turn.

Question Number: 4935 Subject Code: I04

(Refer to figure 144.) Which illustration indicates a slipping turn?

A) 1.
B) 3.
C) 2.