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Question Number: 4832 Subject Code: I05

The gyroscopic heading indicator is inoperative. What is the primary bank instrument in unaccelerated straight and level flight?

A) Attitude indicator.
B) Miniature aircraft of turn coordinator.
C) Magnetic compass.

Question Number: 4506 Subject Code: J35

(Refer to figure 89.) What is the ARTCC discrete frequency at the COP on V208 southwest bound from HVE to PGA VOR/DME?

A) 122.4.
B) 133.6.
C) 122.1.

Question Number: 4637 Subject Code: I10

When making an instrument approach at the selected alternate airport, what landing minimums apply?

A) The IFR alternate minimums listed for that airport.
B) The landing minimums published for the type of procedure selected.
C) Standard alternate minimums (600-2 or 800 2).

Question Number: 4143 Subject Code: I30

During the life cycle of a thunderstorm, which stage is characterized predominately by downdrafts?

A) Cumulus.
B) Dissipating.
C) Mature.

Question Number: 4867 Subject Code: I05

While recovering from an unusual flight attitude without the aid of the attitude indicator, approximate level pitch attitude is reached when the

A) airspeed and altimeter stop their movement and the VSI reverses its trend.
B) airspeed arrives at cruising speed, the altimeter reverses its trend, and the vertical speed stops its movement.
C) altimeter and vertical speed reverse their trend and the airspeed stops its movement.

Question Number: 4258 Subject Code: J25

(Refer to figure 13.) How will the aircraft in position 4 be affected by a microburst encounter?

A) Performance decreasing with a tailwind and downdraft.
B) Performance increasing with a tailwind and updraft.
C) Performance decreasing with a headwind and downdraft.

Question Number: 4698 Subject Code: B97

(Refer to figure 133.) What type of entry is recommended for the missed approach holding pattern at Riverside Municipal?

A) Direct.
B) Parallel.
C) Teardrop.

Question Number: 4716 Subject Code: B10

RVR minimums for landing are prescribed in an IAP, but RVR is inoperative and cannot be reported for the intended runway at the time. Which of the following would be an operational consideration?

A) RVR minimums which are specified in the procedures should be converted and applied as ground visibility.
B) RVR minimums may be disregarded, providing the runway has an operative HIRL system.
C) RVR minimums may be disregarded, providing all other components of the ILS system are operative.

Question Number: 4447 Subject Code: J08

Where are VFR on Top operations prohibited?

A) In Class A airspace.
B) When flying through Class B airspace.
C) During off airways direct flights.

Question Number: 4926 Subject Code: I05

To level off from a descent maintaining the descending airspeed, the pilot should lead the desired altitude by approximately

A) 50 feet.
B) 60 feet.
C) 20 feet.