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Question Number: 4525 Subject Code: B09

(Refer to figure 92.) What is the minimum in-flight visibility and distance from clouds required for an airplane operating less than 1,200 feet AGL under special VFR during daylight hours in area 5?

A) 1 mile; (I) clear of clouds; (J) clear of clouds; (L) clear of clouds.
B) 3 miles; (I) clear of clouds; (J) clear of clouds; (L) 500 feet.
C) 1 mile; (I) 2,000 feet; (J) 2,000 feet; (L) 500 feet.

Question Number: 4756 Subject Code: I05

The glide slope and localizer are centered, but the airspeed is too fast. Which should be adjusted initially?

A) Power only.
B) Pitch only.
C) Pitch and power.

Question Number: 4154 Subject Code: I20

The average height of the troposphere in the middle latitudes is

A) 25,000 feet.
B) 20,000 feet.
C) 37,000 feet.

Question Number: 4680 Subject Code: I10

(Refer to figure 129.) What indication should you get when it is time to turn inbound while in the procedure turn at LABER?

A) 10 DME miles from the MAP.
B) 4 DME miles from LABER.
C) 12 DME miles from LIT VORTAC.

Question Number: 4216 Subject Code: I47

(Refer to figure 18, SFC PROG) A planned low altitude flight from northern Florida to southern Florida at 00Z is likely to encounter

A) showery precipitation covering less than half the area, no turbulence below 18,000 feet, and freezing temperatures above 12,000 feet.
B) intermittent rain or rain showers, moderate turbulence, and freezing temperatures above 8,000 feet.
C) showery precipitation, thunderstorms/rain showers covering half or more of the area.

Question Number: 4262 Subject Code: H34

(Refer to figures 22 and 24.) For planning purposes, what would the highest MEA be on the flight planned between Grand Junction, Walker Airport, and Durango, La Plata Co. Airport?

A) 16,000 feet.
B) 12,000 feet.
C) 15,000 feet.

Question Number: 4089 Subject Code: I22

Under what condition is pressure altitude and density altitude the same value?

A) When indicated, and pressure altitudes are the same value on the altimeter.
B) At standard temperature.
C) When the altimeter setting is 29.92" Hg.

Question Number: 4481 Subject Code: J26

En route at FL 290, your altimeter is set correctly, but you fail to reset it to the local altimeter setting of 30.26" Hg during descent. If the field elevation is 134 feet and your altimeter is functioning properly, what will it indicate after landing?

A) 474 feet MSL.
B) 100 feet MSL.
C) 206 feet below MSL.

Question Number: 4383 Subject Code: J01

While airborne, what is the maximum permissible variation between the two indicated bearings when checking one VOR system against the other?

A) Plus or minus 6? when set to identical radials of a VOR.
B) Plus or minus 4? when set to identical radials of a VOR.
C) 4? between the two indicated bearings to a VOR.

Question Number: 4753 Subject Code: J01

Approximately what height is the glide slope centerline at the MM of a typical ILS?

A) 300 feet.
B) 200 feet.
C) 100 feet.