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Question Number: 4711 Subject Code: B10

Where may you use a surveillance approach?

A) At any airport which has radar service.
B) At any airport that has an approach control.
C) At airports for which civil radar instrument approach minimums have been published.

Question Number: 4816 Subject Code: J31

What action should be taken if hyperventilation is suspected?

A) Consciously breathe at a slower rate than normal.
B) Consciously force yourself to take deep breaths and breathe at a faster rate than normal.
C) Breathe at a slower rate by taking very deep breaths.

Question Number: 4806 Subject Code: J31

A sloping cloud formation, an obscured horizon, and a dark scene spread with ground lights and stars can create an illusion known as

A) elevator illusions.
B) false horizons.
C) autokinesis.

Question Number: 4154 Subject Code: I20

The average height of the troposphere in the middle latitudes is

A) 25,000 feet.
B) 20,000 feet.
C) 37,000 feet.

Question Number: 4390 Subject Code: J11

When should your transponder be on Mode C while on an IFR flight?

A) Only when ATC requests Mode C.
B) When passing 12,500 feet MSL.
C) At all times if the equipment has been calibrated, unless requested otherwise by ATC.

Question Number: 4794 Subject Code: J05

Which runway marking indicates a displaced threshold on an instrument runway?

A) Arrows leading to the threshold mark.
B) Red chevron marks in the nonlanding portion of the runway.
C) Centerline dashes starting at the threshold.

Question Number: 4077 Subject Code: J15

Which airspaces are depicted on the En Route Low Altitude Chart?

A) Class A, special use airspace, Class D and Class E.
B) Special use airspace, Class E, Class D, Class A, Class B and Class C.
C) Class D, Class C, Class B, Class E and special use airspace.

Question Number: 4702 Subject Code: I07

What is a difference between an SDF and an LDA facility?

A) The SDF course width is either 6? or 12? while the LDA course width is approximately 5?.
B) The SDF course has no glide slope guidance while the LDA does.
C) The SDF has no marker beacons while the LDA has at least an OM.

Question Number: 4449 Subject Code: J14

Which rules apply to the pilot in command when operating on a VFR on Top clearance?

A) VFR only.
B) VFR when ``in the clear'' and IFR when ``in the clouds.''
C) VFR and IFR.

Question Number: 4190 Subject Code: I43

Decode the excerpt from the Winds and Temperature Aloft Forecast (FD) for OKC at 39,000 feet.

FT       3000   6000   39000
OKC 830558

A) Wind 130? at 50 knots, temperature -58 ?C.
B) Wind 330? at 105 knots, temperature -58 ?C.
C) Wind 330? at 205 knots, temperature -58 ?C.