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Question Number: 4017 Subject Code: A20

What minimum conditions are necessary for the instrument approaches required for IFR currency?

A) The approaches may be made in an aircraft, approved instrument ground trainer, or any combination of these.
B) At least three approaches must be made in the same category of aircraft to be flown.
C) At least three approaches must be made in the same category and class of aircraft to be flown.

Question Number: 4015 Subject Code: A20

A pilot's recent IFR experience expires on July 1 of this year. What is the latest date the pilot can meet the IFR experience requirement without having to take an instrument proficiency check?

A) December 31, this year.
B) July 31, this year.
C) June 30, next year.

Question Number: 4899 Subject Code: I04

The three conditions which determine pitch attitude required to maintain level flight are

A) relative wind, pressure altitude, and vertical lift component.
B) flightpath, wind velocity, and angle of attack.
C) airspeed, air density, and aircraft weight.

Question Number: 4295 Subject Code: I12

(Refer to figures 41, 42, 42A .) Which frequency should you expect to use for Regional Approach Control, control tower, and ground control respectively at DFW?

A) 119.05; 126.55; 121.65.
B) 125.8; 124.15; 121.8.
C) 119.05; 124.15; 121.8.

Question Number: 4377 Subject Code: J01

How should the pilot make a VOR receiver check when the aircraft is located on the designated checkpoint on the airport surface?

A) Set the OBS on the designated radial. The CDI must center within plus or minus 4? of that radial with a FROM indication.
B) Set the OBS on 180? plus or minus 4?; the CDI should center with a FROM indication.
C) With the aircraft headed directly toward the VOR and the OBS set to 000?, the CDI should center within plus or minus 4? of that radial with a TO indication.

Question Number: 4418 Subject Code: J40

A particular SID requires a minimum climb rate of 210 feet per NM to 8,000 feet. If you climb with a groundspeed of 140 knots, what is the rate of climb required in feet per minute?

A) 450.
B) 490.
C) 210.

Question Number: 4835 Subject Code: I05

Which condition during taxi is an indication that an attitude indicator is unreliable?

A) The horizon bar tilts more than 5? while making taxi turns.
B) The horizon bar does not align itself with the miniature airplane after warmup.
C) The horizon bar vibrates during warmup.

Question Number: 4400 Subject Code: J01

For operations off established airways at 17,000 feet MSL in the contiguous U.S., (H) Class VORTAC facilities used to define a direct route of flight should be no farther apart than

A) 75 NM.
B) 100 NM.
C) 200 NM.

Question Number: 4856 Subject Code: I05

What indication is presented by the miniature aircraft of the turn coordinator?

A) Quality of the turn.
B) Direct indication of the bank attitude and the quality of the turn.
C) Indirect indication of the bank attitude.

Question Number: 4006 Subject Code: B10

Except when necessary for takeoff or landing or unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, the minimum altitude for IFR flight is

A) 2,000 feet above the highest obstacle over designated mountainous terrain; 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle over terrain elsewhere.
B) 3,000 feet over designated mountainous terrain; 2,000 feet over terrain elsewhere.
C) 3,000 feet over all terrain.