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Question Number: 4264 Subject Code: J35

(Refer to figure 24.) What is the MOCA between JNC and MANCA intersection on V187?

A) 12,000 feet MSL.
B) 10,900 feet MSL.
C) 13,700 feet MSL.

Question Number: 4804 Subject Code: J31

What visual illusion creates the same effect as a narrower than usual runway?

A) An upsloping runway.
B) A wider than usual runway.
C) A downsloping runway.

Question Number: 4738 Subject Code: V14

Under which conditions is hydroplaning most likely to occur?

A) When rudder is used for directional control instead of allowing the nosewheel to contact the surface early in the landing roll on a wet runway.
B) During a landing on any wet runway when brake application is delayed until a wedge of water begins to build ahead of the tires.
C) During conditions of standing water, slush, high speed, and smooth runway texture.

Question Number: 4373 Subject Code: J01

When is a pilot on an IFR flight plan responsible for avoiding other aircraft?

A) At all times when not in radar contact with ATC.
B) Only when advised by ATC.
C) When weather conditions permit, regardless of whether operating under IFR or VFR.

Question Number: 4808 Subject Code: J31

A rapid acceleration during takeoff can create the illusion of

A) spinning in the opposite direction.
B) diving into the ground.
C) being in a noseup attitude.

Question Number: 4010 Subject Code: A20

Which flight time may be logged as instrument time when on an instrument flight plan?

A) All of the time the aircraft was not controlled by ground references.
B) Only the time you controlled the aircraft solely by reference to flight instruments.
C) Only the time you were flying in IFR weather conditions.

Question Number: 4371 Subject Code: J42

(Refer to figure 80.) What is the TDZE for landing on RWY 27R?

A) 3,450 feet MSL.
B) 3,514 feet MSL.
C) 3,649 feet MSL.

Question Number: 4569 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figures 96 and 97.) To which aircraft position(s) does HSI presentation ``G'' correspond?

A) 5 and 13.
B) 7 and 11.
C) 7 only.

Question Number: 4065 Subject Code: B10

To operate an aircraft under IFR, a flight plan must have been filed and an ATC clearance received prior to

A) controlling the aircraft solely by use of instruments.
B) entering weather conditions in any airspace.
C) entering controlled airspace.

Question Number: 4564 Subject Code: I08

(Refer to figures 96 and 97.) To which aircraft position(s) does HSI presentation ``B'' correspond?

A) 5 and 13.
B) 11.
C) 7 and 11.