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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 121.407 — Training program: Approval of airplane simulators and other training devices.

(a) Each airplane simulator and other training device that is used in a training course permitted under §121.409, in checks required under subpart O of this part or as permitted in appendices E and F to this part must:

(1) Be specifically approved for—

(i) The certificate holder;

(ii) The type airplane and, if applicable, the particular variation within type, for which the training or check is being conducted; and

(iii) The particular maneuver, procedure, or crewmember function involved.

(2) Maintain the performance, functional, and other characteristics that are required for approval.

(3) Be modified to conform with any modification to the airplane being simulated that results in changes to performance, functional, or other characteristics required for approval.

(4) Be given a daily functional preflight check before being used.

(5) Have a daily discrepancy log kept with each discrepancy entered in that log by the appropriate instructor or check airman at the end of each training or check flight.

(b) A particular airplane simulator or other training device may be approved for use by more than one certificate holder.

(c) An airplane simulator may be used instead of the airplane to satisfy the in-flight requirements of §§121.439 and 121.441 and appendices E and F of this part, if the simulator—

(1) Is approved under this section and meets the appropriate simulator requirements of appendix H of this part; and

(2) Is used as part of an approved program that meets the training requirements of §121.424 (a) and (c) and appendix H of this part.

(d) An airplane simulator approved under this section must be used instead of the airplane to satisfy the pilot flight training requirements prescribed in the certificate holder's approved low-altitude windshear flight training program set forth in §121.409(d) of this part.

[Doc. No. 9509, 35 FR 90, Jan. 3, 1970, as amended by Amdt. 121–161, 45 FR 44183, June 30, 1980; Amdt. 121–199, 53 FR 37696, Sept. 27, 1988]

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