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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 121.441 — Proficiency checks.

(a) No certificate holder may use any person nor may any person serve as a required pilot flight crewmember unless that person has satisfactorily completed either a proficiency check, or an approved simulator course of training under §121.409, as follows:

(1) For a pilot in command, a proficiency check within the preceding 12 calendar months and, in addition, within the preceding 6 calendar months, either a proficiency check or the simulator training.

(2) For all other pilots—

(i) Within the preceding 24 calendar months either a proficiency check or the line-oriented simulator training course under §121.409; and

(ii) Within the preceding 12 calendar months, either a proficiency check or any simulator training course under §121.409.

(b) Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section, a proficiency check must meet the following requirements:

(1) It must include at least the procedures and maneuvers set forth in appendix F to this part unless otherwise specifically provided in that appendix.

(2) It must be given by the Administrator or a pilot check airman.

(c) An approved airplane simulator or other appropriate training device may be used in the conduct of a proficiency check as provided in appendix F to this part.

(d) A person giving a proficiency check may, in his discretion, waive any of the maneuvers or procedures for which a specific waiver authority is set forth in appendix F to this part if—

(1) The Administrator has not specifically required the particular maneuver or procedure to be performed;

(2) The pilot being checked is, at the time of the check, employed by a certificate holder as a pilot; and

(3) The pilot being checked is currently qualified for operations under this part in the particular type airplane and flight crewmember position or has, within the preceding six calendar months, satisfactorily completed an approved training program for the particular type airplane.

(e) If the pilot being checked fails any of the required maneuvers, the person giving the proficiency check may give additional training to the pilot during the course of the proficiency check. In addition to repeating the maneuvers failed, the person giving the proficiency check may require the pilot being checked to repeat any other maneuvers he finds are necessary to determine the pilot's proficiency. If the pilot being checked is unable to demonstrate satisfactory performance to the person conducting the check, the certificate holder may not use him nor may he serve in operations under this part until he has satisfactorily completed a proficiency check.

However, the entire proficiency check (other than the initial second-in-command proficiency check) required by this section may be conducted in an approved visual simulator if the pilot being checked accomplishes at least two landings in the appropriate airplane during a line check or other check conducted by a pilot check airman (a pilot-in-command may observe and certify the satisfactory accomplishment of these landings by a second-in-command). If a pilot proficiency check is conducted in accordance with this paragraph, the next required proficiency check for that pilot must be conducted in the same manner, or in accordance with appendix F of this part, or a course of training in an airplane visual simulator under §121.409 may be substituted therefor.

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