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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 129.11 — Operations specifications.

(a) Each foreign air carrier shall conduct its operations within the United States in accordance with operations specifications issued by the Administrator under this part and in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in part I (International Commercial Air Transport) of Annex 6 (Operation of Aircraft) to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization. Operations specifications shall include:

(1) Airports to be used;

(2) Routes or airways to be flown, and

(3) Such operations rules and practices as are necessary to prevent collisions between foreign aircraft and other aircraft.

(4) Registration markings of each U.S.-registered aircraft.

(5) Registration and markings of each aircraft that meets equipment requirements of §129.28(a).

(b) An application for the issue or amendment of operations specifications must be submitted in duplicate, at least 30 days before beginning operations in the United States, to the Flight Standards District Office in the area where the applicant's principal business office is located or to the Regional Flight Standards Division Manager having jurisdiction over the area to be served by the operations. If a military airport of the United States is to be used as a regular, alternate, refueling, or provisional airport, the applicant must obtain written permission to do so from the Washington Headquarters of the military organization concerned and submit two copies of that written permission with his application. Detailed requirements governing applications for the issue or amendment of operations specifications are contained in Appendix A.

(c) No person operating under this part may operate or list on its operations specifications any airplane listed on operations specifications issued under part 125.

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