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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 133.1 — Applicability.

This part prescribes—

(a) Airworthiness certification rules for rotorcraft used in; and

(b) Operating and certification rules governing the conduct of rotorcraft external-load operations in the United States by any person.

(c) The certification rules of this part do not apply to—

(1) Rotorcraft manufacturers when developing external-load attaching means;

(2) Rotorcraft manufacturers demonstrating compliance of equipment utilized under this part or appropriate portions of part 27 or 29 of this chapter;

(3) Operations conducted by a person demonstrating compliance for the issuance of a certificate or authorization under this part;

(4) Training flights conducted in preparation for the demonstration of compliance with this part; or

(5) A Federal, State, or local government conducting operations with public aircraft.

(d) For the purpose of this part, a person other than a crewmember or a person who is essential and directly connected with the external-load operation may be carried only in approved Class D rotorcraft-load combinations.

[Doc. No. 15176, 42 FR 24198, May 12, 1977, as amended by Amdt. 133–9, 51 FR 40707, Nov. 7, 1986]

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