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Federal Aviation Regulations

Appendix E to Part 135 — Helicopter Flight Recorder Specifications

ParametersRangeAccuracy sensor input to DFDR readoutSampling interval (per second)Resolution2read out
Time (GMT)24 Hrs±0.125% Per Hour0.25 (1 per 4 seconds)1 sec
Altitude−1,000 ft to max certificated altitude of aircraft±100 to ±700 ft (See Table 1, TSO-C51a)15′ to 30′.
AirspeedAs the installed measuring system±3%11 kt
Normal Acceleration (Vertical)−3g to +6g±1% of max range excluding datum error of ±5%80.01g
Pitch Attitude±75°±2°20.5°
Roll Attitude±180°±2°20.5°.
Radio Transmitter KeyingOn-Off (Discrete)10.25 sec
Power in Each Engine: Free Power Turbine Speed and Engine Torque0–130% (power Turbine Speed) Full range (Torque)±2%1 speed 1 torque (per engine)0.2%1to 0.4%1
Main Rotor Speed0–130%±2%20.3%1
Altitude Rate±6,000 ft/minAs installed20.2%1
Pilot Input—Primary Controls (Collective, Longitudinal Cyclic, Lateral Cyclic, Pedal)3Full range±3%20.5%1
Flight Control Hydraulic Pressure LowDiscrete, each circuit1
Flight Control Hydraulic Pressure Selector Switch Position, 1st and 2nd stageDiscrete1
AFCS Mode and Engagement StatusDiscrete (5 bits necessary)1
Stability Augmentation System EngageDiscrete1
SAS Fault StatusDiscrete0.25
Main Gearbox Temperature LowAs installedAs installed0.250.5%1
Main Gearbox Temperature HighAs installedAs installed0.50.5%1
Controllable Stabilator PositionFull Range±3%20.4%1.
Longitudinal Acceleration±1g±1.5% max range excluding datum error of ±5%40.01g.
Lateral Acceleration±1g±1.5% max range excluding datum of ±5%40.01g.
Master WarningDiscrete1
Nav 1 and 2 Frequency SelectionFull rangeAs installed0.25
Outside Air Temperature−50 °C to +90 °C±2° c0.50.3° c

1Per cent of full range.

2This column applies to aircraft manufactured after October 11, 1991.

3For all aircraft manufactured on or after December 6, 2010, the sampling interval per second is 4.

[Doc. No. 25530, 53 FR 26154, July 11, 1988; 53 FR 30906, Aug. 16, 1988; Amdt. 135–113, 73 FR 12571, Mar. 7, 2008; 73 FR 15281, Mar. 21, 2008; Amdt. 135–121, 75 FR 17047, Apr. 5, 2010]

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