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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 139.203 — Contents of Airport Certification Manual.

(a) Except as otherwise authorized by the Administrator, each certificate holder must include in the Airport Certification Manual a description of operating procedures, facilities and equipment, responsibility assignments, and any other information needed by personnel concerned with operating the airport in order to comply with applicable provisions of subpart D of this part and paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Except as otherwise authorized by the Administrator, the certificate holder must include in the Airport Certification Manual the following elements, as appropriate for its class:

Required Airport Certification Manual Elements

Manual elementsAirport certificate class
Class IClass IIClass IIIClass IV
1. Lines of succession of airport operational responsibilityXXXX
2. Each current exemption issued to the airport from the requirements of this partXXXX
3. Any limitations imposed by the AdministratorXXXX
4. A grid map or other means of identifying locations and terrain features on and around the airport that are significant to emergency operationsXXXX
5. The location of each obstruction required to be lighted or marked within the airport's area of authorityXXXX
6. A description of each movement area available for air carriers and its safety areas, and each road described in §139.319(k) that serves itXXXX
7. Procedures for avoidance of interruption or failure during construction work of utilities serving facilities or NAVAIDS that support air carrier operationsXXX
8. A description of the system for maintaining records, as required under §139.301XXXX
9. A description of personnel training, as required under §139.303XXXX
10. Procedures for maintaining the paved areas, as required under §139.305XXXX
11. Procedures for maintaining the unpaved areas, as required under §139.307XXXX
12. Procedures for maintaining the safety areas, as required under §139.309XXXX
13. A plan showing the runway and taxiway identification system, including the location and inscription of signs, runway markings, and holding position markings, as required under §139.311XXXX
14. A description of, and procedures for maintaining, the marking, signs, and lighting systems, as required under §139.311XXXX
15. A snow and ice control plan, as required under §139.313XXX
16. A description of the facilities, equipment, personnel, and procedures for meeting the aircraft rescue and firefighting requirements, in accordance with §§139.315, 139.317 and 139.319XXXX
17. A description of any approved exemption to aircraft rescue and firefighting requirements, as authorized under §139.111XXXX
18. Procedures for protecting persons and property during the storing, dispensing, and handling of fuel and other hazardous substances and materials, as required under §139.321XXXX
19. A description of, and procedures for maintaining, the traffic and wind direction indicators, as required under §139.323XXXX
20. An emergency plan as required under §139.325XXXX
21. Procedures for conducting the self-inspection program, as required under §139.327XXXX
22. Procedures for controlling pedestrians and ground vehicles in movement areas and safety areas, as required under §139.329XXX
23. Procedures for obstruction removal, marking, or lighting, as required under §139.331XXXX
24. Procedures for protection of NAVAIDS, as required under §139.333XXX
25. A description of public protection, as required under §139.335XXX
26. Procedures for wildlife hazard management, as required under §139.337XXX
27. Procedures for airport condition reporting, as required under §139.339XXXX
28. Procedures for identifying, marking, and lighting construction and other unserviceable areas, as required under §139.341XXX
29. Any other item that the Administrator finds is necessary to ensure safety in air transportationXXXX

[Doc. No. FAA–2000–7479, 69 FR 6424, Feb. 10, 2004; Amdt. 139–26, 69 FR 31522, June 4, 2004]

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