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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 14.20 — When an application may be filed.

(a) An application may be filed whenever the applicant has prevailed in the proceeding, but in no case later than 30 days after the FAA Decisionmaker's final disposition of the proceeding, or service of the order of the Administrator in a proceeding under the AMS.

(b) If review or reconsideration is sought or taken of a decision to which an applicant believes it has prevailed, proceedings for the award of fees shall be stayed pending final disposition of the underlying controversy.

(c) For purposes of this part, final disposition means the later of:

(1) Under part 17 of this chapter and the AMS, the date on which the order of the Administrator is served;

(2) The date on which an unappealed initial decision becomes administratively final;

(3) Issuance of an order disposing of any petitions for reconsideration of the FAA Decisionmaker's final order in the proceeding;

(4) If no petition for reconsideration is filed, the last date on which such a petition could have been filed; or

(5) Issuance of a final order or any other final resolution of a proceeding, such as a settlement or voluntary dismissal, which is not subject to a petition for reconsideration.

[54 FR 46199, Nov. 1, 1989, as amended by Amdt. 14–03, 64 FR 32936, June 18, 1999]

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