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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 142.17 — Satellite training centers.

(a) The holder of a training center certificate may conduct training in accordance with an approved training program at a satellite training center if—

(1) The facilities, equipment, personnel, and course content of the satellite training center meet the applicable requirements of this part;

(2) The instructors and evaluators at the satellite training center are under the direct supervision of management personnel of the principal training center;

(3) The Administrator is notified in writing that a particular satellite is to begin operations at least 60 days prior to proposed commencement of operations at the satellite training center; and

(4) The certificate holder's training specifications reflect the name and address of the satellite training center and the approved courses offered at the satellite training center.

(b) The certificate holder's training specifications shall prescribe the operations required and authorized at each satellite training center.

[Doc. No. 26933, 61 FR 34562, July 2, 1996, as amended by Amdt. 142–3, 63 FR 53537, Oct. 5, 1998]

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