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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 142.55 — Training center evaluator requirements.

(a) Except as provided by paragraph (d) of this section, a training center must ensure that each person authorized as an evaluator—

(1) Is approved by the Administrator;

(2) Is in compliance with §§142.47, 142.49, and 142.53 and applicable sections of part 187 of this chapter; and

(3) Prior to designation, and except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, every 12-calendar-month period following initial designation, the certificate holder must ensure that the evaluator satisfactorily completes a curriculum that includes the following:

(i) Evaluator duties, functions, and responsibilities;

(ii) Methods, procedures, and techniques for conducting required tests and checks;

(iii) Evaluation of pilot performance; and

(iv) Management of unsatisfactory tests and subsequent corrective action; and

(4) If evaluating in qualified and approved flight training equipment must satisfactorily pass a written test and annual proficiency check in a flight simulator or aircraft in which the evaluator will be evaluating.

(b) An evaluator who satisfactorily completes a curriculum required by paragraph (a) of this section in the calendar month before or the calendar month after the month in which it is due is considered to have taken it in the month is which it was due for the purpose of computing when the next training is due.

(c) The Administrator may give credit for the requirements of paragraph (a)(3) of this section to an evaluator who has satisfactorily completed an evaluator training course for a part 121 or part 135 certificate holder if the Administrator finds such a course equivalent to the requirements of paragraph (a)(3) of this section.

(d) An evaluator who is qualified under SFAR 58 shall be authorized to conduct evaluations under the Advanced Qualification Program without complying with the requirements of this section.

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