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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 142.59 — Flight simulators and flight training devices.

(a) An applicant for, or holder of, a training center certificate must show that each flight simulator and flight training device used for training, testing, and checking (except AQP) will be or is specifically qualified and approved by the Administrator for—

(1) Each maneuver and procedure for the make, model, and series of aircraft, set of aircraft, or aircraft type simulated, as applicable; and

(2) Each curriculum or training course in which the flight simulator or flight training device is used, if that curriculum or course is used to satisfy any requirement of 14 CFR chapter I.

(b) The approval required by paragraph (a)(2) of this section must include—

(1) The set of aircraft, or type aircraft;

(2) If applicable, the particular variation within type, for which the training, testing, or checking is being conducted; and

(3) The particular maneuver, procedure, or crewmember function to be performed.

(c) Each qualified and approved flight simulator or flight training device used by a training center must—

(1) Be maintained to ensure the reliability of the performances, functions, and all other characteristics that were required for qualification;

(2) Be modified to conform with any modification to the aircraft being simulated if the modification results in changes to performance, function, or other characteristics required for qualification;

(3) Be given a functional preflight check each day before being used; and

(4) Have a discrepancy log in which the instructor or evaluator, at the end of each training session, enters each discrepancy.

(d) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, each component on a qualified and approved flight simulator or flight training device used by a training center must be operative if the component is essential to, or involved in, the training, testing, or checking of airmen.

(e) Training centers shall not be restricted to specific—

(1) Route segments during line-oriented flight training scenarios; and

(2) Visual data bases replicating a specific customer's bases of operation.

(f) Training centers may request evaluation, qualification, and continuing evaluation for qualification of flight simulators and flight training devices without—

(1) Holding an air carrier certificate; or

(2) Having a specific relationship to an air carrier certificate holder.

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