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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 142.65 — Limitations.

(a) A certificate holder shall—

(1) Ensure that a flight simulator or flight training device freeze, slow motion, or repositioning feature is not used during testing or checking; and

(2) Ensure that a repositioning feature is used during line operational simulation for evaluation and line-oriented flight training only to advance along a flight route to the point where the descent and approach phase of the flight begins.

(b) When flight testing, flight checking, or line operational simulation is being conducted, the certificate holder must ensure that one of the following occupies each crewmember position:

(1) A crewmember qualified in the aircraft category, class, and type, if a type rating is required, provided that no flight instructor who is giving instruction may occupy a crewmember position.

(2) A student, provided that no student may be used in a crewmember position with any other student not in the same specific course.

(c) The holder of a training center certificate may not recommend a trainee for a certificate or rating, unless the trainee—

(1) Has satisfactorily completed the training specified in the course approved under §142.37; and

(2) Has passed the final tests required by §142.37.

(d) The holder of a training center certificate may not graduate a student from a course unless the student has satisfactorily completed the curriculum requirements of that course.

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