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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 142.81 — Conduct of other approved courses.

(a) An applicant for, or holder of, a training center certificate may apply for approval to conduct a course for which a curriculum is not prescribed by this part.

(b) The course for which application is made under paragraph (a) of this section may be for flight crewmembers other than pilots, airmen other than flight crewmembers, material handlers, ground servicing personnel, and security personnel, and others approved by the Administrator.

(c) An applicant for course approval under this subpart must comply with the applicable requirements of subpart A through subpart F of this part.

(d) The Administrator approves the course for which the application is made if the training center or training center applicant shows that the course contains a curriculum that will achieve a level of competency equal to, or greater than, that required by the appropriate part of this chapter.

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