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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 151.43 — United States share of project costs.

(a) The United States share of the allowable costs of a project is stated in the grant agreement for the project, to be paid from appropriations made under the Federal Airport Act.

(b) Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section and in subpart C of this part, the United States share of the costs of an approved project for airport development (regardless of its size or location) is 50 percent of the allowable costs of the project.

(c) The U.S. share of the costs of an approved project for airport development in a State in which the unappropriated and unreserved public lands and nontaxable Indian lands (individual and tribal) is more than 5 percent of its total land, is the percentage set forth in the following table:

New Mexico56.14
South Dakota52.53

(d) The United States share of the costs of an approved project, representing the costs of any of the following, is 75 percent:

(1) The costs of installing high intensity runway edge lighting on a designated instrument landing runway or other runway with an approved straight-in approach procedure.

(2) The costs of installing in-runway lighting (touchdown zone lighting system, and centerline lighting system).

(3) The costs of installing runway distance markers.

(4) The costs of acquiring land, or a suitable property interest in land or in or over water, needed for installing operating, and maintaining an ALS (as described in §151.13).

(5) The costs of any project in the Virgin Islands.

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