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Federal Aviation Regulations

Appendix B to Part 152 — List of Advisory Circulars Incorporated by §152.11

(a) Circulars available free of charge.

Number and Subject

150/5100–12—Electronic Navigational Aids Approved for Funding Under the Airport Development Aid Program (ADAP).

150/5190–3A—Model Airport Hazard Zoning Ordinance.

150/5210–7A—Aircraft Fire and Rescue Communications.

150/5210–10—Airport Fire and Rescue Equipment Building Guide.

150/5300–2C—Airport Design Standards—Site Requirements for Terminal Navigational Facilities.

150/5300–4B—Utility Airports—Air Access to National Transportation.

150/5300–6—Airport Design Standards—General Aviation Airports—Basic and General Transport.

150/5300–8—Planning and Design Criteria for Metropolitan STOL Ports.

150/5320–6B—Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation.

150/5320–10—Environmental Enhancement at Airports—Industrial Waste Treatment.

150/5320–12—Methods for the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Skid Resistant Airport Pavement Surfaces.

150/5325–2C—Airport Design Standards—Airports Served by Air Carriers—Surface Gradient and Line-of-Sight.

150/5325–4—Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design.

150/5325–6A—Airport Design Standards—Effect and Treatment of Jet Blast.

150/5325–8—Compass Calibration Pad.

150/5335–1A—Airport Design Standards—Airports Served by Air Carriers—Taxiways.

150/5335–2—Airport Aprons.

150/5335–3—Airport Design Standards—Airports Served by Air Carriers—Bridges and Tunnels on Airports.

150/5335–4—Airport Design Standards—Airports Served by Air Carriers—Runway Geometrics.

150/5340–1D—Marking of Paved Areas on Airports.

150/5340–4C—Installation Details for Runway Centerline and Touchdown Zone Lighting Systems.

150/5340–5A—Segmented Circle Airport Marker System.

150/5340–8—Airport 51-foot Tubular Beacon Tower.

150/5340–14B—Economy Approach Lighting Aids.

150/5340–17A—Standby Power for Non-FAA Airport Lighting System.

150/5340–18—Taxiway Guidance Sign System.

150/5340–19—Taxiway Centerline Lighting System.

150/5340–20—Installation Details and Maintenance Standards for Reflective Markers for Airport Runway and Taxiway Centerlines.

150/5340–21—Airport Miscellaneous Lighting Visual Aids.

AC/5340–22—Maintenance Guide for Determining Degradation and Cleaning of Centerline and Touchdown Zone Lights.

150/5340–23A—Supplemental Wind Cones.

150/5340–24—Runway and Taxiway Edge Lighting System.

150/5340–25—Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) Systems.

150/5345–1E—Approved Airport Lighting Equipment.

150/5345–2—Specification for L–810 Obstruction Light.

150/5345–3C—Specification for L–821 Panels for Remote Control of Airport Lighting.

150/5345–4—Specification for L–829 Internally Lighted Airport Taxi Guidance Sign.

150/5345–5—Specification for L–847 Circuit Selector Switch, 5,000 Volt 20 Ampere.

150/5345–7C—Specification for L–824 Underground Electrical Cable for Airport Lighting Circuits.

150/5345–10C—Specification for L–828 Constant Current Regulators.

150/5345–11—Specification for L–812 Static Indoor Type Constant Current Regulator Assembly; 4 KW and 71/2KW, With Brightness Control for Remote Operation.

150/5345–12A—Specification for L–801 Beacon.

150/5345–13—Specification for L–841 Auxiliary Relay Cabinet Assembly for Pilot Control of Airport Lighting Circuits.

150/5345–18—Specification for L–811 Static Indoor Type Constant Current Regulator Assembly, 4 KW; With Brightness Control and Runway Selection for Direct Operation.

150/5345–21—Specification for L–813 Static Indoor Type Constant Current Regulator Assembly; 4 KW and 71/2KW; for Remote Operation of Taxiway Lights.

150/5345–26A—Specification for L–823 Plug and Receptacle. Cable Connectors.

150/5345–27A—Specification for L–807 Eight-foot and Twelve-foot Unlighted or Externally Lighted Wind Cone Assemblies.

150/5345–28C—Specification for L–851 Visual Approach Slope Indicators and Accessories.

150/5345–36—Specification for L–808 Lighted Wind Tee.

150/5345–39A—FAA Specification for L–853, Runway and Taxiway Retroreflective Markers.

150/5345–42A—FAA Specification L–857, Airport Light Bases, Transformer Housings, and Junction Boxes.

150/5345–43B—FAA/DOD Specification L–856, High Intensity Obstruction Lighting Systems.

150/5345–44A—Specification for L–858 Retroreflective Taxiway Guidance Sign.

150/5345–45—Lightweight Approach Light Structure.

150/5345–46—Specification for Semiflush Airport Lights.

150/5345–47—Isolation Transformers for Airport Lighting Systems.

150/5345–48—Specification for Runway and Taxiway Edge Lights.

150/5360–6—Airport Terminal Building Development with Federal Participation.

150/5360–7—Planning and Design Considerations for Airport Terminal Building Development.

150/5370–7—Airport Construction Controls to Prevent Air and Water Pollution.

150/5370–9—Slip-Form Paving—Portland Cement Concrete.

150/5370–11—Use of Nondestructive Testing Devices in the Evaluation of Airport Pavements.

(b) Circulars for sale.

Number and Subject

150/5320–5B—Airport Drainage; $1.30.

150/5370–10—Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports; $7.25.

150/5390–1A—Heliport Design Guide; $1.50.

[Doc. No. 19430, 45 FR 34795, May 22, 1980]

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