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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 155.7 — General policies.

(a) Upon a request under §155.11, the Administrator issues any instrument that is necessary to remove, of record, any restriction against the use of property for industrial purposes that is in an instrument of disposal covered by this part.

(b) The Administrator does not issue a release under this part if it would allow the sale of the property concerned to a third party, unless the public agency concerned has obligated itself to use the proceeds from the sale exclusively for developing, improving, operating, or maintaining a public airport.

(c) Except for a release from a restriction against using property for industrial purposes, the Administrator does not issue a release under this part unless it is justified under §155.3(a) (1) or (2).

(d) The Administrator may issue a release from the terms, conditions, reservations, or restrictions of an instrument of disposal subject to any other terms or conditions that he considers necessary to protect or advance the interests of the United States in civil aviation. Such a term or condition, including one regarding the use of proceeds from the sale of property, is imposed as a personal covenant or obligation of the public agency concerned rather than as a term or condition to the release or as a covenant running with the land, unless the Administrator determines that the purpose of the term or condition would be better achieved as a condition or covenant running with the land.

(e) A letter or other document issued by the Administrator that merely grants consent to or approval of a lease, or to the use of the property for other than the airport use contemplated by the instrument of disposal, does not otherwise release the property from the terms, conditions, reservations, or restrictions of the instrument of disposal.

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