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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 157.3 — Projects requiring notice.

Each person who intends to do any of the following shall notify the Administrator in the manner prescribed in §157.5:

(a) Construct or otherwise establish a new airport or activate an airport.

(b) Construct, realign, alter, or activate any runway or other aircraft landing or takeoff area of an airport.

(c) Deactivate, discontinue using, or abandon an airport or any landing or takeoff area of an airport for a period of one year or more.

(d) Construct, realign, alter, activate, deactivate, abandon, or discontinue using a taxiway associated with a landing or takeoff area on a public-use airport.

(e) Change the status of an airport from private use to public use or from public use to another status.

(f) Change any traffic pattern or traffic pattern altitude or direction.

(g) Change status from IFR to VFR or VFR to IFR.

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