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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 16.109 — Orders terminating eligibility for grants, cease and desist orders, and other compliance orders.

This section applies to initial determinations issued under §16.31 that provide the opportunity for a hearing.

(a) The agency will provide the opportunity for a hearing if, in the Director's determination, the agency proposes to issue an order terminating eligibility for grants pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 47106(e) and 47111(d), an order suspending the payment of grant funds, an order withholding approval of any new application to impose a passenger facility charge pursuant to section 112 of the Federal Aviation Administration Act of 1994, 49 U.S.C. 47111(e), a cease and desist order, an order directing the refund of fees unlawfully collected, or any other compliance order issued by the Administrator to carry out the provisions of the Acts, and required to be issued after notice and opportunity for a hearing. In cases in which a hearing is not required by statute, the FAA may provide opportunity for a hearing at its discretion.

(b) In a case in which the agency provides the opportunity for a hearing, the Director's determination issued under §16.31 will include a statement of the availability of a hearing under subpart F of this part.

(c) Within 20 days after service of a Director's determination under §16.31 and paragraph (b) of this section, a person subject to the proposed compliance order may—

(1) Request a hearing under subpart F of this part;

(2) Waive hearing and appeal the Director's determination in writing to the Associate Administrator, as provided in §16.33;

(3) File, jointly with a complainant, a motion to withdraw the complaint and to dismiss the proposed compliance action; or

(4) Submit, jointly with the agency attorney, a proposed consent order under §16.243(e).

(d) If the respondent fails to request a hearing or to file an appeal in writing within the time periods provided in paragraph (c) of this section, the Director's determination becomes final.

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