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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 16.31 — Director's determinations after investigations.

(a) After consideration of the pleadings and other information obtained by the FAA after investigation, the Director will render an initial determination and provide it to each party by certified mail within 120 days of the date the last pleading specified in §16.23 was due.

(b) The Director's determination will set forth a concise explanation of the factual and legal basis for the Director's determination on each claim made by the complainant.

(c) A party adversely affected by the Director's determination may appeal the initial determination to the Associate Administrator as provided in §16.33.

(d) If the Director's determination finds the respondent in noncompliance and proposes the issuance of a compliance order, the initial determination will include notice of opportunity for a hearing under subpart F of this part, if such an opportunity is provided by the FAA. The respondent may elect or waive a hearing as provided in subpart E of this part.

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