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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 17.27 — Submission of joint or separate statements.

(a) If the matter has not been resolved informally, the parties shall file joint or separate statements with the Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition no later than twenty (20) business days after the filing of the contract dispute. The Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition may extend this time, pursuant to §17.23(d).

(b) The statement(s) shall include either—

(1) A joint request for ADR, and an executed ADR agreement, pursuant to §17.33(d), specifying which ADR techniques will be employed; or

(2) Written explanation(s) as to why ADR proceedings will not be used and why the Default Adjudicative Process will be needed.

(c) Such statements shall be directed to the following address:

(1) Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition, Federal Aviation Administration, AGC–70, 3rd Floor, 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591, telephone: (202) 267–3290, facsimile: (202) 267–3720; or

(2) Other address as shall be published from time to time in theFederal Register.

(d) The submission of a statement which indicates that ADR will not be utilized will not in any way preclude the parties from engaging in informal ADR techniques with the Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition (neutral evaluation and/or informal mediation) concurrently with ongoing adjudication under the Default Adjudicative Process, pursuant to §17.31(c).

[Docket No. FAA–1998–4379, 64 FR 32936, June 18, 1999, as amended at 72 FR 68474, Dec. 5, 2007]

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