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Federal Aviation Regulations

Appendix C to Part 187 — Fees for Production Certification-Related Services Performed Outside the United States

(a) Purpose. This appendix describes the methodology for the calculation of fees for production certification-related services outside the United States that are performed by the FAA.

(b) Applicability. This appendix applies to production approval holders who elect to use manufacturing facilities or supplier facilities located outside the United States to manufacture or assemble aeronautical products after September 30, 1997.

(c) Definitions. For the purpose of this appendix, the following definitions apply:

Manufacturing facility means a place where production of a complete aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, part, component, or appliance is performed.

Production certification-related service means a service associated with initial production approval holder qualification; ongoing production approval holder and supplier surveillance; designee management; initial production approval holder qualification and ongoing surveillance for production certificate extensions outside the United States; conformity inspections; and witnessing of tests.

Supplier facility means a place where production of a part, component, or subassembly is performed for a production approval holder.

Production approval holder means a person who holds an FAA approval for production under type certificate only, an FAA approval for production under an approved production inspection system, a production certificate, a technical standard order authorization, or a parts manufacturer approval.

(d) Procedural requirements. (1) Applicants may apply for FAA production certification-related services provided outside the United States by a letter of application to the FAA detailing when and where the particular services are required.

(2) The FAA will notify the applicant in writing of the estimated cost and schedule to provide the services.

(3) The applicant will review the estimated costs and schedule of services. If the applicant agrees with the estimated costs and schedule of services, the applicant will propose to the FAA that the services be provided. If the FAA agrees and can provide the services requested, a written agreement will be executed between the applicant and the FAA.

(4) The applicant must provide advance payment for each 12-month period of agreed FAA service unless a shorter period is agreed to between the Production Approval Holder and FAA.

(e) Fee determination. (1) Fees for FAA production certification-related services will consist of: personnel compensation and benefit (PC&B) for each participating FAA employee, actual travel and transportation expenses incurred in providing the service, other agency costs and an overhead percentage.

(2) Fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis according to the following general formula:

W1H1+ W2H2etc., + T + O


W1H1=hourly PC&B rate for employee 1, times estimated hours

W2H2=hourly PC&B rate for employee 2, etc., times estimated hours

T=estimated travel and transportation expenses

O=other agency costs related to each activity including overhead.

(3) In no event will the applicant be charged more than the actual FAA costs of providing production certification-related services.

(4) If the actual FAA costs vary from the estimated fees by more than 10 percent, written notice by the FAA will be given to the applicant as soon as possible.

(5) If FAA costs exceed the estimated fees, the applicant will be required to pay the difference prior to receiving further services. If the estimated fees exceed the FAA costs, the applicant may elect to apply the balance to future agreements or to receive a refund.

(f) Fees will be reviewed by the FAA periodically and adjusted either upward or downward in order to reflect the current costs of performing production certification-related services outside the United States.

(1) Notice of any change to the elements of the fee formula in this Appendix will be published in theFederal Register.

(2) Notice of any change to the methodology in this Appendix and other changes for the fees will be published in theFederal Register.

[Doc. No. 28967, 62 FR 55703, Oct. 27, 1997]

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