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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 21.253 — Type certificates: application.

Link to an amendment published at 74 FR 53390, October 16, 2009.

Link to an amendment published at 75 FR 9095, March 1, 2010.

(a) To obtain, under the delegation option authorization, a type certificate for a new product or an amended type certificate, the manufacturer must submit to the Administrator—

(1) An application for a type certificate (FAA Form 312);

(2) A statement listing the airworthiness requirements of this chapter (by part number and effective date) that the manufacturer considers applicable;

(3) After determining that the type design meets the applicable requirements, a statement certifying that this determination has been made;

(4) After placing the required technical data and type inspection report in the technical data file required by §21.293(a)(1)(i), a statement certifying that this has been done;

(5) A proposed type certificate data sheet; and

(6) An Aircraft Flight Manual (if required) or a summary of required operating limitations and other information necessary for safe operation of the product.

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