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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 21.441 — Procedure manual.

(a) No DAS may exercise any authority under this subpart unless it submits, and obtains approval of, a procedure manual containing—

(1) The procedures for issuing STCs; and

(2) The names, signatures, and responsibilities of officials and of each staff member required by §21.439(a)(4), identifying those persons who—

(i) Have authority to make changes in procedures that require a revision to the procedure manual; and

(ii) Are to conduct inspections (including conformity and compliance inspections) or approve inspection reports, prepare or approve data, plan or conduct tests, approve the results of tests, amend airworthiness certificates, issue experimental certificates, approve changes to operating limitations or Aircraft Flight Manuals, and sign supplemental type certificates.

(b) No DAS may continue to perform any DAS function affected by any change in facilities or staff necessary to continue to meet the requirements of §21.439, or affected by any change in procedures from those approved under paragraph (a) of this section, unless that change is approved and entered in the manual. For this purpose, the manual shall contain a log-of-revisions page with space for the identification of each revised item, page, or date, and the signature of the person approving the change for the Administrator.

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