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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 21.463 — Supplemental type certificates.

(a) For each supplemental type certificate issued under this subpart, the DAS shall follow the procedure manual prescribed in §21.441 and shall, before issuing the certificate—

(1) Submit to the Administrator a statement describing—

(i) The type design change;

(ii) The airworthiness requirements of this chapter (by part and effective date) that the DAS considers applicable; and

(iii) The proposed program for meeting the applicable airworthiness requirements;

(2) Find that each applicable airworthiness requirement is met; and

(3) Find that the type of product for which the STC is to be issued, as modified by the supplemental type design data upon which the STC is based, is of proper design for safe operation.

(b) Within 30 days after the date of issue of the STC, the DAS shall submit to the Administrator—

(1) Two copies of the STC;

(2) One copy of the design data approved by the DAS and referred to in the STC;

(3) One copy of each inspection and test report; and

(4) Two copies of each revision to the Aircraft Flight Manual or to the operating limitations, and any other information necessary for safe operation of the product.

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