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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 21.605 — Application and issue.

(a) The manufacturer (or an authorized agent) shall submit an application for a TSO authorization, together with the following documents, to the Manager of the Aircraft Certification Office for the geographic area in which the applicant is located:

(1) A statement of conformance certifying that the applicant has met the requirements of this subpart and that the article concerned meets the applicable TSO that is effective on the date of application for that article.

(2) One copy of the technical data required in the applicable TSO.

(3) A description of its quality control system in the detail specified in §21.143. In complying with this section, the applicant may refer to current quality control data filed with the FAA as part of a previous TSO authorization application.

(b) When a series of minor changes in accordance with §21.611 is anticipated, the applicant may set forth in its application the basic model number of the article and the part number of the components with open brackets after it to denote that suffix change letters or numbers (or combinations of them) will be added from time to time.

(c) After receiving the application and other documents required by paragraph (a) of this section to substantiate compliance with this part, and after a determination has been made of its ability to produce duplicate articles under this part, the Administrator issues a TSO authorization (including all TSO deviations granted to the applicant) to the applicant to identify the article with the applicable TSO marking.

(d) If the application is deficient, the applicant must, when requested by the Administrator, submit any additional information necessary to show compliance with this part. If the applicant fails to submit the additional information within 30 days after the Administrator's request, the application is denied and the applicant is so notified.

(e) The Administrator issues or denies the application within 30 days after its receipt or, if additional information has been requested, within 30 days after receiving that information.

[Doc. No. 19589, 45 FR 38346, June 9, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 21–67, 54 FR 39291, Sept. 25, 1989]

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