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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 21.611 — Design changes.

(a) Minor changes by the manufacturer holding a TSO authorization. The manufacturer of an article under an authorization issued under this part may make minor design changes (any change other than a major change) without further approval by the Administrator. In this case, the changed article keeps the original model number (part numbers may be used to identify minor changes) and the manufacturer shall forward to the appropriate Aircraft Certification Office for the geographic area, any revised data that are necessary for compliance with §21.605(b).

(b) Major changes by manufacturer holding a TSO authorization. Any design change by the manufacturer that is extensive enough to require a substantially complete investigation to determine compliance with a TSO is a major change. Before making such a change, the manufacturer shall assign a new type or model designation to the article and apply for an authorization under §21.605.

(c) Changes by person other than manufacturer. No design change by any person (other than the manufacturer who submitted the statement of conformance for the article) is eligible for approval under this part unless the person seeking the approval is a manufacturer and applies under §21.605(a) for a separate TSO authorization. Persons other than a manufacturer may obtain approval for design changes under Part 43 or under the applicable airworthiness regulations.

[Doc. No. 19589, 45 FR 38346, June 9, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 21–67, 54 FR 39291, Sept. 25, 1989]

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