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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.1147 — Mixture controls.

(a) If there are mixture controls, each engine must have a separate control, and each mixture control must have guards or must be shaped or arranged to prevent confusion by feel with other controls.

(1) The controls must be grouped and arranged to allow—

(i) Separate control of each engine; and

(ii) Simultaneous control of all engines.

(2) The controls must require a separate and distinct operation to move the control toward lean or shut-off position.

(b) For reciprocating single-engine airplanes, each manual engine mixture control must be designed so that, if the control separates at the engine fuel metering device, the airplane is capable of continued safe flight and landing.

[Doc. No. 4080, 29 FR 17955, Dec. 18, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 23–7, 34 FR 13096, Aug. 13, 1969; Amdt. 23–33, 51 FR 26657, July 24, 1986; Amdt. 23–43, 58 FR 18974, Apr. 9, 1993]

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