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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.1361 — Master switch arrangement.

(a) There must be a master switch arrangement to allow ready disconnection of each electric power source from power distribution systems, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section. The point of disconnection must be adjacent to the sources controlled by the switch arrangement. If separate switches are incorporated into the master switch arrangement, a means must be provided for the switch arrangement to be operated by one hand with a single movement.

(b) Load circuits may be connected so that they remain energized when the master switch is open, if the circuits are isolated, or physically shielded, to prevent their igniting flammable fluids or vapors that might be liberated by the leakage or rupture of any flammable fluid system; and

(1) The circuits are required for continued operation of the engine; or

(2) The circuits are protected by circuit protective devices with a rating of five amperes or less adjacent to the electric power source.

(3) In addition, two or more circuits installed in accordance with the requirements of paragraph (b)(2) of this section must not be used to supply a load of more than five amperes.

(c) The master switch or its controls must be so installed that the switch is easily discernible and accessible to a crewmember.

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