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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.1555 — Control markings.

(a) Each cockpit control, other than primary flight controls and simple push button type starter switches, must be plainly marked as to its function and method of operation.

(b) Each secondary control must be suitably marked.

(c) For powerplant fuel controls—

(1) Each fuel tank selector control must be marked to indicate the position corresponding to each tank and to each existing cross feed position;

(2) If safe operation requires the use of any tanks in a specific sequence, that sequence must be marked on or near the selector for those tanks;

(3) The conditions under which the full amount of usable fuel in any restricted usage fuel tank can safely be used must be stated on a placard adjacent to the selector valve for that tank; and

(4) Each valve control for any engine of a multiengine airplane must be marked to indicate the position corresponding to each engine controlled.

(d) Usable fuel capacity must be marked as follows:

(1) For fuel systems having no selector controls, the usable fuel capacity of the system must be indicated at the fuel quantity indicator.

(2) For fuel systems having selector controls, the usable fuel capacity available at each selector control position must be indicated near the selector control.

(e) For accessory, auxiliary, and emergency controls—

(1) If retractable landing gear is used, the indicator required by §23.729 must be marked so that the pilot can, at any time, ascertain that the wheels are secured in the extreme positions; and

(2) Each emergency control must be red and must be marked as to method of operation. No control other than an emergency control, or a control that serves an emergency function in addition to its other functions, shall be this color.

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