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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.525 — Application of loads.

(a) Unless otherwise prescribed, the seaplane as a whole is assumed to be subjected to the loads corresponding to the load factors specified in §23.527.

(b) In applying the loads resulting from the load factors prescribed in §23.527, the loads may be distributed over the hull or main float bottom (in order to avoid excessive local shear loads and bending moments at the location of water load application) using pressures not less than those prescribed in §23.533(c).

(c) For twin float seaplanes, each float must be treated as an equivalent hull on a fictitious seaplane with a weight equal to one-half the weight of the twin float seaplane.

(d) Except in the takeoff condition of §23.531, the aerodynamic lift on the seaplane during the impact is assumed to be2/3of the weight of the seaplane.

[Doc. No. 26269, 58 FR 42161, Aug. 6, 1993; 58 FR 51970, Oct. 5, 1993]

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