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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.697 — Wing flap controls.

(a) Each wing flap control must be designed so that, when the flap has been placed in any position upon which compliance with the performance requirements of this part is based, the flap will not move from that position unless the control is adjusted or is moved by the automatic operation of a flap load limiting device.

(b) The rate of movement of the flaps in response to the operation of the pilot's control or automatic device must give satisfactory flight and performance characteristics under steady or changing conditions of airspeed, engine power, and attitude.

(c) If compliance with §23.145(b)(3) necessitates wing flap retraction to positions that are not fully retracted, the wing flap control lever settings corresponding to those positions must be positively located such that a definite change of direction of movement of the lever is necessary to select settings beyond those settings.

[Doc. No. 4080, 29 FR 17955, Dec. 18, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 23–49, 61 FR 5165, Feb. 9, 1996]

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