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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.703 — Takeoff warning system.

For commuter category airplanes, unless it can be shown that a lift or longitudinal trim device that affects the takeoff performance of the aircraft would not give an unsafe takeoff configuration when selection out of an approved takeoff position, a takeoff warning system must be installed and meet the following requirements:

(a) The system must provide to the pilots an aural warning that is automatically activated during the initial portion of the takeoff role if the airplane is in a configuration that would not allow a safe takeoff. The warning must continue until—

(1) The configuration is changed to allow safe takeoff, or

(2) Action is taken by the pilot to abandon the takeoff roll.

(b) The means used to activate the system must function properly for all authorized takeoff power settings and procedures and throughout the ranges of takeoff weights, altitudes, and temperatures for which certification is requested.

[Doc. No. 27806, 61 FR 5166, Feb. 9, 1996]

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