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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.805 — Flightcrew emergency exits.

For airplanes where the proximity of the passenger emergency exits to the flightcrew area does not offer a convenient and readily accessible means of evacuation for the flightcrew, the following apply:

(a) There must be either one emergency exit on each side of the airplane, or a top hatch emergency exit, in the flightcrew area;

(b) Each emergency exit must be located to allow rapid evacuation of the crew and have a size and shape of at least a 19- by 20-inch unobstructed rectangular opening; and

(c) For each emergency exit that is not less than six feet from the ground, an assisting means must be provided. The assisting means may be a rope or any other means demonstrated to be suitable for the purpose. If the assisting means is a rope, or an approved device equivalent to a rope, it must be—

(1) Attached to the fuselage structure at or above the top of the emergency exit opening or, for a device at a pilot's emergency exit window, at another approved location if the stowed device, or its attachment, would reduce the pilot's view; and

(2) Able (with its attachment) to withstand a 400-pound static load.

[Doc. No. 26324, 59 FR 25773, May 17, 1994]

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