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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.851 — Fire extinguishers.

(a) There must be at least one hand fire extinguisher for use in the pilot compartment that is located within easy access of the pilot while seated.

(b) There must be at least one hand fire extinguisher located conveniently in the passenger compartment—

(1) Of each airplane accommodating more than 6 passengers; and

(2) Of each commuter category airplane.

(c) For hand fire extinguishers, the following apply:

(1) The type and quantity of each extinguishing agent used must be appropriate to the kinds of fire likely to occur where that agent is to be used.

(2) Each extinguisher for use in a personnel compartment must be designed to minimize the hazard of toxic gas concentrations.

[Doc. No. 26269, 58 FR 42165, Aug. 6, 1993]

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