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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.901 — Installation.

(a) For the purpose of this part, the airplane powerplant installation includes each component that—

(1) Is necessary for propulsion; and

(2) Affects the safety of the major propulsive units.

(b) Each powerplant installation must be constructed and arranged to—

(1) Ensure safe operation to the maximum altitude for which approval is requested.

(2) Be accessible for necessary inspections and maintenance.

(c) Engine cowls and nacelles must be easily removable or openable by the pilot to provide adequate access to and exposure of the engine compartment for preflight checks.

(d) Each turbine engine installation must be constructed and arranged to—

(1) Result in carcass vibration characteristics that do not exceed those established during the type certification of the engine.

(2) Ensure that the capability of the installed engine to withstand the ingestion of rain, hail, ice, and birds into the engine inlet is not less than the capability established for the engine itself under §23.903(a)(2).

(e) The installation must comply with—

(1) The instructions provided under the engine type certificate and the propeller type certificate.

(2) The applicable provisions of this subpart.

(f) Each auxiliary power unit installation must meet the applicable portions of this part.

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