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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 23.973 — Fuel tank filler connection.

(a) Each fuel tank filler connection must be marked as prescribed in §23.1557(c).

(b) Spilled fuel must be prevented from entering the fuel tank compartment or any part of the airplane other than the tank itself.

(c) Each filler cap must provide a fuel-tight seal for the main filler opening. However, there may be small openings in the fuel tank cap for venting purposes or for the purpose of allowing passage of a fuel gauge through the cap provided such openings comply with the requirements of §23.975(a).

(d) Each fuel filling point, except pressure fueling connection points, must have a provision for electrically bonding the airplane to ground fueling equipment.

(e) For airplanes with engines requiring gasoline as the only permissible fuel, the inside diameter of the fuel filler opening must be no larger than 2.36 inches.

(f) For airplanes with turbine engines, the inside diameter of the fuel filler opening must be no smaller than 2.95 inches.

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