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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 26.5 — Applicability table.

Table 1 of this section provides an overview of the applicability of this part. It provides guidance in identifying what sections apply to various types of entities. The specific applicability of each subpart and section is specified in the regulatory text.

Table 1—Applicability of Part 26 Rules

  Applicable sections
Subpart BSubpart DSubpart E
EAPAS/FTSFuel tank flammabilityDamage tolerance data
Effective date of ruleDecember 10, 2007December 26, 2008January 11, 2008
Existing1TC Holders26.1126.3326.43, 26.45, 26.49
Pending1TC Applicants26.1126.3726.43, 26.45
Existing1STC HoldersN/A26.3526.47, 26.49
Pending1STC/ATC Applicants26.1126.3526.45, 26.47, 26.49
Future2STC/ATC Applicants26.1126.3526.45, 26.47, 26.49

1As of the effective date of the identified rule.

2Application made after the effective date of the identified rule.

[Doc. No. FAA–2005–22997, 74 FR 31618, July 2, 2009]

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