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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 27.1397 — Color specifications.

Each position light color must have the applicable International Commission on Illumination chromaticity coordinates as follows:

(a) Aviation red—

y is not greater than 0.335; and

z is not greater than 0.002.

(b) Aviation green—

x is not greater than 0.440−0.320 y ;

x is not greater than y −0.170; and

y is not less than 0.390−0.170 x .

(c) Aviation white—

x is not less than 0.300 and not greater than 0.540;

y is not less than x −0.040” or y c−0.010, whichever is the smaller; and

y is not greater than x +0.020 nor 0.636−0.400 x ;

Where y cis the y coordinate of the Planckian radiator for the value of x considered.

[Doc. No. 5074, 29 FR 15695, Nov. 24, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 27–6, 36 FR 12972, July 10, 1971]

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