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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 27.505 — Ski landing conditions.

If certification for ski operation is requested, the rotorcraft, with skis, must be designed to withstand the following loading conditions (where P is the maximum static weight on each ski with the rotorcraft at design maximum weight, and n is the limit load factor determined under §27.473(b).

(a) Up-load conditions in which—

(1) A vertical load of Pn and a horizontal load of Pn/ 4 are simultaneously applied at the pedestal bearings; and

(2) A vertical load of 1.33 P is applied at the pedestal bearings.

(b) A side-load condition in which a side load of 0.35 Pn is applied at the pedestal bearings in a horizontal plane perpendicular to the centerline of the rotorcraft.

(c) A torque-load condition in which a torque load of 1.33 P (in foot pounds) is applied to the ski about the vertical axis through the centerline of the pedestal bearings.

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