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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 27.853 — Compartment interiors.

For each compartment to be used by the crew or passengers—

(a) The materials must be at least flame-resistant;

(b) [Reserved]

(c) If smoking is to be prohibited, there must be a placard so stating, and if smoking is to be allowed—

(1) There must be an adequate number of self-contained, removable ashtrays; and

(2) Where the crew compartment is separated from the passenger compartment, there must be at least one illuminated sign (using either letters or symbols) notifying all passengers when smoking is prohibited. Signs which notify when smoking is prohibited must—

(i) When illuminated, be legible to each passenger seated in the passenger cabin under all probable lighting conditions; and

(ii) Be so constructed that the crew can turn the illumination on and off.

[Amdt. 27–17, 45 FR 7755, Feb. 4, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 27–37, 64 FR 45095, Aug. 18, 1999]

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