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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 29.619 — Special factors.

(a) The special factors prescribed in §§29.621 through 29.625 apply to each part of the structure whose strength is—

(1) Uncertain;

(2) Likely to deteriorate in service before normal replacement; or

(3) Subject to appreciable variability due to—

(i) Uncertainties in manufacturing processes; or

(ii) Uncertainties in inspection methods.

(b) For each part of the rotorcraft to which §§29.621 through 29.625 apply, the factor of safety prescribed in §29.303 must be multiplied by a special factor equal to—

(1) The applicable special factors prescribed in §§29.621 through 29.625; or

(2) Any other factor great enough to ensure that the probability of the part being understrength because of the uncertainties specified in paragraph (a) of this section is extremely remote.

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