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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 35.3 — Instructions for propeller installation and operation.

The applicant must provide instructions that are approved by the Administrator. Those approved instructions must contain:

(a) Instructions for installing the propeller, which:

(1) Include a description of the operational modes of the propeller control system and functional interface of the control system with the airplane and engine systems;

(2) Specify the physical and functional interfaces with the airplane, airplane equipment and engine;

(3) Define the limiting conditions on the interfaces from paragraph (a)(2) of this section;

(4) List the limitations established under §35.5;

(5) Define the hydraulic fluids approved for use with the propeller, including grade and specification, related operating pressure, and filtration levels; and

(6) State the assumptions made to comply with the requirements of this part.

(b) Instructions for operating the propeller which must specify all procedures necessary for operating the propeller within the limitations of the propeller type design.

[Amdt. No. 35–8, 73 FR 63346, Oct. 24, 2008]

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