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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 35.33 — General.

(a) Each applicant must furnish test article(s) and suitable testing facilities, including equipment and competent personnel, and conduct the required tests in accordance with part 21 of this chapter.

(b) All automatic controls and safety systems must be in operation unless it is accepted by the Administrator as impossible or not required because of the nature of the test. If needed for substantiation, the applicant may test a different propeller configuration if this does not constitute a less severe test.

(c) Any systems or components that cannot be adequately substantiated by the applicant to the requirements of this part are required to undergo additional tests or analysis to demonstrate that the systems or components are able to perform their intended functions in all declared environmental and operating conditions.

[Amdt. No. 35–8, 73 FR 63348, Oct. 24, 2008]

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