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Federal Aviation Regulations

Appendix A to Part 35 — Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

a35.1  general

(a) This appendix specifies requirements for the preparation of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness as required by §35.4.

(b) The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for each propeller must include the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for all propeller parts. If Instructions for Continued Airworthiness are not supplied by the propeller part manufacturer for a propeller part, the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness for the propeller must include the information essential to the continued airworthiness of the propeller.

(c) The applicant must submit to the FAA a program to show how changes to the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness made by the applicant or by the manufacturers of propeller parts will be distributed.

a35.2  format

(a) The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness must be in the form of a manual or manuals as appropriate for the quantity of data to be provided.

(b) The format of the manual or manuals must provide for a practical arrangement.

a35.3  content

The contents of the manual must be prepared in the English language. The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness must contain the following sections and information:

(a) Propeller Maintenance Section. (1) Introduction information that includes an explanation of the propeller's features and data to the extent necessary for maintenance or preventive maintenance.

(2) A detailed description of the propeller and its systems and installations.

(3) Basic control and operation information describing how the propeller components and systems are controlled and how they operate, including any special procedures that apply.

(4) Instructions for uncrating, acceptance checking, lifting, and installing the propeller.

(5) Instructions for propeller operational checks.

(6) Scheduling information for each part of the propeller that provides the recommended periods at which it should be cleaned, adjusted, and tested, the applicable wear tolerances, and the degree of work recommended at these periods. However, the applicant may refer to an accessory, instrument, or equipment manufacturer as the source of this information if it shows that the item has an exceptionally high degree of complexity requiring specialized maintenance techniques, test equipment, or expertise. The recommended overhaul periods and necessary cross-references to the Airworthiness Limitations section of the manual must also be included. In addition, the applicant must include an inspection program that includes the frequency and extent of the inspections necessary to provide for the continued airworthiness of the propeller.

(7) Troubleshooting information describing probable malfunctions, how to recognize those malfunctions, and the remedial action for those malfunctions.

(8) Information describing the order and method of removing and replacing propeller parts with any necessary precautions to be taken.

(9) A list of the special tools needed for maintenance other than for overhauls.

(b) Propeller Overhaul Section. (1) Disassembly information including the order and method of disassembly for overhaul.

(2) Cleaning and inspection instructions that cover the materials and apparatus to be used and methods and precautions to be taken during overhaul. Methods of overhaul inspection must also be included.

(3) Details of all fits and clearances relevant to overhaul.

(4) Details of repair methods for worn or otherwise substandard parts and components along with information necessary to determine when replacement is necessary.

(5) The order and method of assembly at overhaul.

(6) Instructions for testing after overhaul.

(7) Instructions for storage preparation including any storage limits.

(8) A list of tools needed for overhaul.

a35.4  airworthiness limitations section

The Instructions for Continued Airworthiness must contain a section titled Airworthiness Limitations that is segregated and clearly distinguishable from the rest of the document. This section must set forth each mandatory replacement time, inspection interval, and related procedure required for type certification. This section must contain a legible statement in a prominent location that reads: “The Airworthiness Limitations section is FAA approved and specifies maintenance required under §§43.16 and 91.403 of the Federal Aviation Regulations unless an alternative program has been FAA approved.”

[Amdt. 35–5, 45 FR 60182, Sept. 11, 1980, as amended by Amdt. 35–6, 54 FR 34330, Aug. 18, 1989]

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