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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 45.1 — Applicability.

Link to an amendment published at 74 FR 53394, October 16, 2009.

Link to an amendment published at 75 FR 9095, March 1, 2010.

This part prescribes the requirements for—

(a) Identification of aircraft, and identification of aircraft engines and propellers that are manufactured under the terms of a type or production certificate:

(b) Identification of certain replacement and modified parts produced for installation on type certificated products; and

(c) Nationality and registration marking of U.S. registered aircraft.

[Doc. No. 2047, 29 FR 3223, Mar. 11, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 45–3, 32 FR 188, Jan. 10, 1967]

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