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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 60.21 — Interim qualification of FSTDs for new aircraft types or models.

(a) A sponsor may apply for and the NSPM may issue an interim qualification level for an FSTD for a new type or model of aircraft, even though the aircraft manufacturer's aircraft data package is preliminary, if the sponsor provides the following to the satisfaction of the NSPM—

(1) The aircraft manufacturer's data, which consists of at least predicted data, validated by a limited set of flight test data;

(2) The aircraft manufacturer's description of the prediction methodology used to develop the predicted data; and

(3) The QTG test results.

(b) An FSTD that has been issued interim qualification is deemed to have been issued initial qualification unless the NSPM rescinds the qualification. Interim qualification terminates two years after its issuance, unless the NSPM determines that specific conditions warrant otherwise.

(c) Within twelve months of the release of the final aircraft data package by the aircraft manufacturer, but no later than two years after the issuance of the interim qualification status, the sponsor must apply for initial qualification in accordance with §60.15 based on the final aircraft data package approved by the aircraft manufacturer, unless the NSPM determines that specific conditions warrant otherwise.

(d) An FSTD with interim qualification may be modified only in accordance with §60.23.

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