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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 60.31 — Recordkeeping and reporting.

(a) The FSTD sponsor must maintain the following records for each FSTD it sponsors:

(1) The MQTG and each amendment thereto.

(2) A record of all FSTD modifications affected under §60.23 since the issuance of the original Statement of Qualification.

(3) A copy of all of the following:

(i) Results of the qualification evaluations (initial and each upgrade) since the issuance of the original Statement of Qualification.

(ii) Results of the objective tests conducted in accordance with §60.19(a) for a period of 2 years.

(iii) Results of the previous three continuing qualification evaluations, or the continuing qualification evaluations from the previous 2 years, whichever covers a longer period.

(iv) Comments obtained in accordance with §60.9(b) for a period of at least 90 days.

(4) A record of all discrepancies entered in the discrepancy log over the previous 2 years, including the following:

(i) A list of the components or equipment that were or are missing, malfunctioning, or inoperative.

(ii) The action taken to correct the discrepancy.

(iii) The date the corrective action was taken.

(iv) The identity of the person determining that the discrepancy has been corrected.

(b) The records specified in this section must be maintained in plain language form or in coded form if the coded form provides for the preservation and retrieval of information in a manner acceptable to the NSPM.

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