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Federal Aviation Regulations

Special Federal Aviation Regulation 93 — Temporary Extension of Time To Allow for Certain Training and Testing

1. Applicability. This SFAR applies to all part 121 and 135 check airmen (simulator) and flight instructors (simulator), part 121 aircraft dispatchers, and part 142 training center instructors who were required to complete qualification requirements, an inflight line observation program, or operating familiarization in September 2001 to become qualified, or remain qualified, to perform their assigned duties. It also applies to persons who have satisfactorily accomplished the part 61 aeronautical knowledge test or the part 63 written test, either one of which has an expiration date of September 2001 for pilot, flight instructor, or flight engineer certification.

2. Special Qualification Requirements. The sections of 14 CFR that prescribes these requirements are sections 61.39(a)(1); 63.35(d); 121.411(f); 121.412(f); 121.463(a)(2); 121.463(c); 135.337(f); 135.338(f); 142.53(b)(2) and (b)(3).

3. Extension of Time to Fulfill Certain Qualification Requirements. Persons identified in paragraph 1 of this SFAR who had until the end of September 2001 to complete the specified qualification requirements in September 2001 will be deemed to have completed those requirements in September 2001 provided they satisfactorily complete those requirements by November 30, 2001. For those persons identified in paragraph 1, who are qualifying for the first time to be a check airmen (simulator), flight instructor (simulator), aircraft dispatcher, or training center instructor, they must fulfill the applicable qualification requirements before they may serve as a check airmen (simulator), flight instructor (simulator), aircraft dispatcher, or training center instructor, as appropriate. This extension does not change the 12-calendar-month requirement for aircraft dispatchers or the anniversary month for check airmen, flight instructors and training center instructors. Therefore, if you were due for qualification in September 2001 you will be due for qualification September 2002, regardless of this extension for 2001.

4. Termination Date. This Special Federal Aviation Regulation expires November 30, 2001.

[Doc. No. FAA–2001–10797, 66 FR 52279, Oct. 12, 2001]

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