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Federal Aviation Regulations

Sec. 77.11 — Scope.

(a) This subpart requires each person proposing any kind of construction or alteration described in §77.13(a) to give adequate notice to the Administrator. It specifies the locations and dimensions of the construction or alteration for which notice is required and prescribes the form and manner of the notice. It also requires supplemental notices 48 hours before the start and upon the completion of certain construction or alteration that was the subject of a notice under §77.13(a).

(b) Notices received under this subpart provide a basis for:

(1) Evaluating the effect of the construction or alteration on operational procedures and proposed operational procedures;

(2) Determinations of the possible hazardous effect of the proposed construction or alteration on air navigation;

(3) Recommendations for identifying the construction or alteration in accordance with the current Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular AC 70/7460–1 entitled “Obstruction Marking and Lighting,” which is available without charge from the Department of Transportation, Distribution Unit, TAD 484.3, Washington, DC 20590.

(4) Determining other appropriate measures to be applied for continued safety of air navigation; and

(5) Charting and other notification to airmen of the construction or alteration.

(Sec. 6, 80 Stat. 937, 49 U.S.C. 1655)

[Doc. No. 1882, 30 FR 1839, Feb. 10, 1965, as amended by Amdt. 77–8, 33 FR 18614, Dec. 17, 1968; Amdt. 77–10, 37 FR 4705, Mar. 4, 1972]

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